Wizarding World, what future after the flop of Fantastic Beasts 3?

With sales of just $401 million worldwide Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets finished his race at the box office with the worst result of all Wizarding World by JK Rowling, Harry Potter including (don’t miss the Fantastic Beasts and Dumbledore’s Secrets review). The top 3 lowest-grossing franchises come first from the most recent, followed by Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald (654 million) ed Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (797 million). In an 8-movie saga, only one has not exceeded 800 million dollars, while in a project with five chapters, three of which are active, two have already failed, even worse than the company’s already unrelenting expectations. Something definitely went wrong.

Could this be entirely the fault of the Johnny Depp case? Or the sexist controversies surrounding Rowling? Could it instead be in some way due to the internal crisis at Warner Bros. and the merger with Discovery? What if the problem lay elsewhere, within the concept of the franchise itself, without too many excuses? Take considering the saga and its undeniable criticismslet’s try to understand what the future of the wizarding world will be like in cinemas now.

Not so magical anymore

Let’s try to analyze the facts concretely. The position under consideration TERF (Trans exclusionary radical feminist) by the author and her comments on social media have caused a stir and outrage. Harry Potter is a saga that taught children and young people to accept and understand one another, especially during a difficult time of growth and change.

Of course the disappointment of these tansgender or transgender fans who saw an exclusive and radical attitude of the favorite, who through the magician’s stories might have helped them to come out of their dramatic shell and become aware of themselves, of their own identity. following the latter, all young or younger generations now openly inclusive, have come to rail against the author’s contributions and thus against her production, especially her film. A practically declared boycott, which also found the support of this part of the public somewhat unhappy with the presence of Johnny Depp in the role of Grindelwald following Amber Heard’s alleged domestic violence allegations. Eventually, the actor was invited to resign from the role and was replaced by Mads Mikkelsen, but the damage caused by what was seen as exclusivist behavior and violated some of Rowling’s personal liberties and Depp’s now shattered image did not contribute to the well-being of the saga, which was already happening as of the second chapter it started to fold. However, it would not be honest to attribute the economic failure of Fantastic Beasts and the current course of the Wizarding World exclusively to these two factors, because The bugs are also technical and creative in nature.

Just like the New Trilogy of war of stars, the “animalist” triptych composed by Rowling thus far does not seem to have any real artistic and conceptual continuity, changing tone and aim from time to time. We’ve gone from fairy tale comedy to comedy a darker and more mature product already a kind of magical counterpart of the story, up to The Secrets of Dumbledore to a real political thriller with elections, spies and a charismatic leader.

In between, Rowling reflects on the core of the franchise and uses a few creatures from time to time, use it as an excuse that as a real narrative anchor. The same applies to the relationships between the characters, the associated storylines and the different behavioral psychology. Her attention is drawn elsewhere to convince the audience that she’s somehow grown as a screenwriter when she then lives on against her will. a slight and obvious quality stagnationa twisted take on the medium in which the author fails to achieve a functional and effective narrative.

Sometimes very confused and with a sequence that is not convincing on the big screen, the shortcoming of David Yates, a capable teacher with no prospects, is competent in the context of the task assigned to him. Nothing adds and nothing takes away, a reason that in every way makes Fantastic Beasts the son of Rowling and her flaws, but one that also gives the exact measure of the director’s superficial contribution to the saga.

air of change

In fact, the direction taken by the saga does not receive any critical success, does not receive any public success and is full of critical questions, both in terms of the goodness of the product and in terms of socio-cultural aspects that are now inseparably considered to be pulled from the rope of responsibility . The reception is lukewarm, the response disappointing, the proceeds bitter.

The recent merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery has changed the status quo of the company, which is now led by a new CEO David Zaslav, who is clearly determined to best fill the role and is also restructuring the film and television industry from within to adapt to the challenges of today’s market and leverage key corporate IPs with maximum efficiency. And that includes the flop-threatening Wizarding World. It is impossible that at such a moment Zaslav and his entourage could ignore the unsatisfactory result of the franchise. Even the final halo given to the saga with Dumbledore’s Secrets seemed symptomatic of an ending that was closer than expected, but the proceeds stayed at 400 million They may have dealt the final blow to the pentalogy. There is no unofficial or official character and certainly the IP is being closely watched and revised at the moment but something has to change to return to the glorious beginnings. Rowling’s position is unassailable, let alone Yates’. But no one is actually forcing Zaslav to agree to the development of an uncompromising fourth chapter, be it new co-authors, a change of direction, or a marked change in pacing.

On the contrary, and precisely because of the period of renewal and transformation, Warner Bros. bosses could focus on new projects TV (the much-discussed and coveted Hogwarts series) and film (an adaptation of The Curse of the Heir? Any Other Explorations of the Wizarding World?).

Toby Emmerich’s departure at the helm of Warner Bros. Pictures is a stark reminder of that air so cold, fast, and sharp that, despite the successes, it might even knock Walter Hamada out of the DC Films guide Joker, Aquaman and Shazam. We would certainly have the answers in a few months when the internal renovation is complete and the new film project is defined, but at the moment there is nothing to say about Fantastic Beasts while the Wizarding World could be complete. reset and made new from the basics of magic.

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