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According to the data from Trento, Milan, Imola, Florence, Naples, Rome and Messina, Vasco Rossi arrives at San Nicola Stadium in Bari for a single date Wednesday June 22nd. The Blasco will bring a line-up of hits to its audience over two and a half hours show where there will be no shortage of surprises. tour information

Here’s everything you need to know about Vasco’s show in Puglia!

Useful info

The San Nicola di Bari stadium is on Strada Torrebella and the concert is sold out.

Vasco Rossi timetables in Bari

15:30 open doors
4 p.m Box office / accreditation opening
21:15 Vasco Rossi’s concert begins

Map of San Nicola Stadium, Bari, for Vasco Rossi

Shuttle bus service for Vasco Rossi

A special service has been set up that connects Piazza Moro directly to the San Nicola Stadium, without stops, from 3:10 p.m. (first departure) until the end of the editions. For the return trip, which is scheduled after the concert is over, the bus will depart from the area in front of the football team’s training ground.

To use the service, you must have a regular travel document and wear an Ffp2 type mask (as determined by the Council of Ministers for the use of public transport).

Below the route of the special line:
path: Piazza Moro (terminus), Via Crisanzio, Via Quintino Sella, Metro Quintino Sella, Viale Ennio, Piazza Giulio Cesare, Viale Orazio Flacco, Via Cotugno, Via Generale Bellomo, SS. 271, San Nicola Stadium exit, Stadium entrance;
return: Entrance to the stadium, Torrebella street, Giuseppe Rossi crossroads, Viale Donato Menichella, Via Giulio Petroni, Quintino Sella underground, Corso Italia, Piazza Moro.

plant regulation


  1. Access to the facility requires compliance with this regulation;
  2. Access is only permitted to holders of a regular admission ticket;
  3. The admission ticket must be kept until the end of the event and when leaving the facility; it must be shown at any time upon simple request from the control staff. The ticket loses its validity as soon as you leave the gates of the structure;
  4. It is allowed to enter with soft drinks in plastic bottles no larger than 0.5 lt. unless they have a cap. At the internal bars, drinks are served in disposable glasses and bottles sold without a cap;
  5. A video surveillance system is active inside and outside the facility to ensure the security and protection of the structure. All recorded images are made available to the judicial authority and the judicial police if necessary. The existing video surveillance systems comply with the provisions of Legislative Decree 196/2003 and subsequent amendments;
  6. To protect the common security, checks are set up at the factory entrance by the staff on duty and the police, including the use of metal detectors;


  1. Park and sit on the stairways, on the access and escape routes and on all other passages intended as emergency exits;
  2. damaging or tampering in any way with the facilities, infrastructure and services of the plant;
  3. Climb balustrades, parapets, partitions and other structures not intended for public attendance and parking;
  4. carry out any type of commercial activity that has not been previously approved in writing by management;
  5. Behavior likely to create dangerous situations, endanger the safety of a person or violate public order, such as disrupting the proper course of an event or preventing its peaceful enjoyment;
  6. Entering and remaining in a state of intoxication or under the influence of drugs;
  7. Show material that obstructs the view of other viewers or disturbs the emergency exit signs or in any case creates an obstacle to escape routes to the exits;
  8. Engage in aggressive acts against security personnel;


  1. Firearms, dummy or weapon-like objects, knives and other objects with sharp or sharp edges. Ammunition, dummy ammunition or objects resembling ammunition;
  2. Explosive or combustible material, chemicals or incendiary devices;
  3. firecrackers, rockets and firecrackers;
  4. glass bottles, cans or flasks of metal;
  5. Soft drinks in plastic bottles with a capacity of more than 0.5 l. Soft drinks are limited to one plastic bottle of no more than 0.5 l. without cap;
  6. Alcoholic beverages not purchased from the head office;
  7. Animals of all types and sizes (except trained guide and assistance dogs);
  8. Illegal substances, including drugs and needles (unless required for valid medical reasons);
  9. poles, poles, sticks, umbrellas, large photographic equipment (e.g. tripods), selfie sticks and clubs;
  10. drones or remote-controlled aircraft;
  11. motorcycles, bicycles, rollerblades, skateboards and overboards;
  12. Electronic transmission devices, power banks or laser pointers;
  13. Suitcases, trolleys, prams, bags and backpacks larger than 15lt. or items that are too large for security screening;
  14. Stadium horns, stinging aerosol cans and aerosol cans (such as mosquito repellent, deodorant, sunscreen, etc…)
  15. tents and sleeping bags;
  16. musical instruments;
  17. Equipment for audio/video recording, professional and semi-professional machines, Go-Pro, Ipad and Tablet;
  18. Helmets, chains and all other criminal objects;

Failure to comply with these provisions may result in the immediate termination of the service contract concluded with the purchase and possession of the access ticket and the application of all the sanctions provided for by current legislation. The police forces present can integrate this regulation.

Head of Vasco Rossi in Bari

  1. XI Commandment
  2. the simplest person
  3. I’ll take you and take you away
  4. If I could tell you
  5. Without words
  6. love… help
  7. …Move!
  8. Sunday rain
  9. A feeling
  10. love love
  11. Interlude 2022
  12. You’re mad at me
  13. There are those who say no
  14. you shoot him
  15. …..Astonishing
  16. We are alone
  17. A discarded love song
  18. I’ll cut your throat
  19. Rewind
  20. Disappointed
  21. Of course
  22. We are here
  23. Close-up disturbances of the third kind
  24. toffee
  25. failure
  26. Only we
  27. Reckless Life / Song
  28. Clear dawn

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