The latest market prices from Ruthin Center

RUTHIN Farmers’ Auction reports the sale of 1,019 prime lambs for £122 / 293.6 ppk and 342 ewes for £108.

Prime Lambs (Auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

A few lambs less a day and a mixed show of lambs.

A leaner show than usual but a better trade with 1,019 lambs and an SQQ of 243.5ppk.

Light lambs are still harder to sell than the other weight classes, but all have an overall market average of 241.8 ppm.

Top price:

56kg at 122lbs by RL & G Davies, Bwlch Graianog.

47.5kg at 121lbs by W Needham, Pen y Graig.

52kg at 120lbs by R&E Williams & Son, Hendre.

Top price per kilo:

31 kg at 293.6 ppk by Mrs. G. Jones, Ty Helyg.

43 kg at 274.4 ppk by Ifan Hughes, Fourcrosses.

39 kg at 271.8 ppk by D Vaughan & IW Davies, Tai Isa.

Lights up 293.6 ppk, av 221.3 ppk; standards up to 271.8 ppk, average 242.8 ppk; Medium to 274.4 ppk, av 245.5 ppk; Heavy at 258.7 ppk, av 226.4 ppk; Overs at 217.9ppk, averaging 217.9ppk.

SQQ 243.2ppk; Overall average 241.8ppk.

Do not hesitate to contact the auction to pre-enter or discuss the trade.

Cull ewes (Auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

The highest priced ram went to GL Ellis, Plas Hafod y Maidd for £108 for a ram from Texel.

The cheapest ewe went to JI Williamson & Co, Clegir, for £90 for mules.

Zwarble to £86; Beulah to £50; Cheviot at £90; Tal y Bont at £70; Romney to £70; Welsh up to £74; Crossed to £86; mules up to £90; Lleyn on £60.

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Ruthin Store and Breed Sale – September 15th

RUTHIN Farmers’ Auction announces sale of 87 heifers for £1410; 133 oxen to £1600; 18 OTMs up to £1600 / 232ppk; 107 calves to £460; 70 stirks at £780; 1703 camp lambs for £120; 1629 breeding sheep at £195; 39 rams for 900 gns and 599 ewe lambs for £134.

Storing Cattle (Auctioneer-Rich Lloyd):

Numbers are increasing weekly with a daily show of 308 cattle.

Another show of quality cattle and once again an excellent trade.

A total of 87 heifers with a peak value of £1410 for a 23 month BB heifer from Mrs CM Jones, Cae Isaf.

Some other prizes:

10 month Lim £1235; 18 Month Char £1210; 16 month Lim £1200; 17 months AA £1080; 18 months HEX £1060.

Overall average £981.00.

A total of 133 steers forwards topped £1600 for a 19 month lim from SE Jones, Llaethgwm, once again.

Some other prizes:

16 month Lim £1545; 16 Month Char £1410; 21 months BB £1400; 15 month Lim £1315; 10 month Lim £1280; 16 months AA £1210; 17 months HEX £1230; 17 months CHF 775; 19 Month Sim £815.

Overall average £1131.63.

Another very good sale and more needed weekly.

OTMs (Auctioneer Rich Lloyd):

A tally of 18 barren cows that day with a good trade at a leaner than usual show.

The top price per kilo of 232ppm went to DH Roberts, Penlan, for a 39 month old Lim weighing 690kg, which also fetched the overall top price of £1600.80 on the same animal.

135 months WB-720kg–182ppk; 38 months BB-560kg–176ppk; 90 months-BF 720kg-166ppk; 38 months LIIM – 480 kg – 164 ppk; 42 months LIM-510kg-158ppk; 75 months STX-535kg-150ppk; 76 months STA-615kg-144ppk; 35 months Lim-565kg-144ppk; 62 months STA-495kg-140ppk; 76 months STA-595kg-138ppk; 76 months Lim – 515 kg – 138 ppk; 81 months LIM-645kg-138ppk; 74 months BB-510kg-138ppk; 174 months LIM-895kg-136ppk; 58 months SMX-590kg-129ppk.

Overall average £901.84 / 150.3ppk.

Weaners (Auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

Dairy-bred types who fulfilled a fixed trade.

Many cattle suffer from the hot weather and lack of grass in the summer.

Top prize went to Roberts, Ty’n Celyn, who sold a 16-month-old Lim steer for £785.


10 months BB Bullock £775; 14 month old Lim heifer £670; 8 month old Lim heifer £550; 4 months Lim bull £500; 5 months AA heifer £505.

Submissions are open for the dam sale on October 8th. The closing date for entries is September 23rd.

Calves (Auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

Increased entry, with increasing trading on the week.

These stronger types are still a solid business, but with the high cost of feed and powder, younger, longer-term calves are harder to sell.

Top prize went to Roberts, Parc who sold a Lim bull for £460.


Lim bull £400; BB bull £340; BB Heifer £255; HF bull £140; AA bull £215.

Breeding bucks (Auctioneer-Dafydd Parry):

A really good deal with competitive bids for the majority of pile drivers.

The top price of 900 gns went to Idris Morris, Fachell with a Texel yearling.

Other Texel yearlings from 400-800 gns; Texel yearling up to 400 gns; Texel x Cha yearling 400 gns; Texel ram lambs 350 gns; Suffolk yearling 420gns; Suffolk ram lambs 400 gns; Charolais yearling 400gns.

Save Ewes (Auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

A total of 1629 breeding sheep are happy at an average of 120.29 pounds.

The top prize of £95 went to Harry Wanklyn for Texel yearlings.

Texel 3 years old £148; Mule yearlings up to £158; Cheviot yearlings up to £120; Cheviot 5 years up to £88; Aberfield yearlings up to £138; Aberfield FM to £95; Suffolk yearlings up to £148; Suffolk 3 years up to £145; Lleyn-year-olds up to £150; Beltex yearlings up to £128; Welsh yearlings up to £86; Nelson 5 year olds up to £82; Beulah 6 teeth to £70; Speckled 3 years old up to £70.

Storing Lambs (Auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

A total of 1702 shop lambs forward and a stronger trade through and through. Good demand for all types, especially long lasting nice looking ewe lambs that sell between £75 and £85.

Top prize went to Kelsey Roberts, Llandyrnog, who sold Texel ram lambs for £111.

Dutch ram lambs at £75; Crossbred Ram Lambs £81; Welsh rams £48; Charollais rams for £76; Suffolk rams up to £85; mule goat lambs at £78; Speckled lamb at £57; Cheviot ram lambs for £66; Zwarble to £78.

Overall average £60.76.

Lambs (Auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

Weekly opening sale of 500 lambs with a very good trade in the first seller draws but second quality that is harder to place similar to the company sells.

Regular contenders IW Williams and TI & CM Jones were well rewarded at £134 and £126 respectively.

Overall average £105.55.

Ruthin Primestock Sale – September 13th

RUTHIN Farmers’ Auction reports the sale of 2132 premium lambs for £132 / 292.1 ppk and 713 ewes for £126.

Prime Lambs (Auctioneer-Elfor Morris):

A tally of 2,132 lambs up front with all weights sharper on the week.

The standards are slightly better at 239 ppk, with medium and heavy 236 ppk, a welcome trade with lighter lambs averaging 220 ppk.

Average sales yard of 236ppk.

Top price:

Lights (31.5kg) £80 by Enid Roberts, Pwllglas.

Standards (38.5kg) £109 from GW & DM Owen, Noddfa.

Medium (44.5kg) £130 from TH Vaughan & Sons, Maesmochnant.

Heavys (49kg) £131 from Jones Bros, Glanhespin.

Overs (52.5kg) £132 from TH Vaughan & Sons, Maesmochnant.

Top price per kilo:

Lights (31.5kg) 254ppk by Enid Roberts, Pwllglas.

Standards (38 kg) 284.2 ppk from JP Williams, Bron Eyarth.

Medium (44.5 kg) 292.1 ppk from TH Vaughan & Sons, Maesmochnant.

Heavys (46kg) 282.6ppk by TH Vaughan & Sons, Maesmochnant.

Overs (52.5kg) 251.4ppk from TH Vaughan & Sons, Maesmochnant.

Lights up 254ppk, av 220.6ppk; standards up to 284.2 ppk, average 239.3 ppk; Medium to 292.1 ppk, av 235.9 ppk; Heavy at 282.6 ppk, av 235.8 ppk; Overs at 251.4ppk, averaging 232.4ppk.

overall average 236.4ppk; SQQ 236.6ppk.

Cull ewes (Auctioneer-Paul Roberts):

Top priced sheep went to Hitchmough, Pant y Mel £126 for Texel ewes.

Crossed at 123lbs; mule up to £100; Cheviot at £91; Beulah to £90; Tal y Bont at £84; Dutch up to £70; Welsh to £68.

Overall average £59.25

Please have numbers ready every Tuesday and Friday to meet strong demand.

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