The films can be seen in May 2022

One Team – The Movie by Domenico Procacci – in cinemas from May 2nd

The producer who changed Italian cinema from the ’90s makes his debut behind the camera with a documentary about the team that changed Italian tennis. Nicola Pietrangeli, Adriano Panatta, Paolo Bertolucci, Corrado Barazzutti and Tonino Zugarelli are the ones who won the only three-color Davis Cup (in Chile it was 1976), but also friends, enemies, witnesses of this story that also speaks about sport and feelings Politics. After the filming, the more extensive documentaries will also arrive.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness by Sam Raimi – in cinemas from May 4th

Doctor Strange, here we go again. With an adventure that takes Marvel’s most psychedelic superheroes of all time, still played by Benedict Cumberbatch, into the multiverse of the title. A place he must learn to decipher with the help of his trusted friend Wong (Benedict Wong) and Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen), better known as the Scarlet Witch and veteran of the Disney+ spin-off. WandaVision. Directed by Sam Raimi, back in the MCU after the historians (and lovers) Spiderman with Tobey Maguire. The expectations of the fans are already very high.

The two of us by Nir Bergman – in cinemas May 5th

Aharon (Shai Avivi), a former designer, quit his job to devote himself 100 percent to his son Uri (Noam Imber), a 20-year-old boy who lives on the autism spectrum. Their lives change when, for a thousand reasons, they decide to complete an impossible paper feat: a trip to the United States. Israeli Nir Bergman leads this small sect, which has already gone through half of the world festivals.

The United States vs. Billie Holiday by Lee Daniels – in theaters May 5th

After a long wait, the biopic that reconstructs one of the darkest and most submerged episodes in the life of one of the greatest singers in history arrives in Italian cinemas. In 1939 Billie Holiday composed Strange Fruit, a song condemning the history of black lynching in the United States. And which was therefore viewed by the FBI as a threat and potential anthem for African American revolt. Directed by Lee Daniels (Precious the newsboy) protagonist Andra Day received a well-deserved nomination for the 2021 Oscars.

September by Giulia Louise Steigerwalt – in cinemas from May 5th

Perhaps not everyone remembers that Giulia Steigerwalt was Silvio Muccino’s girlfriend in the cult of her brother Gabriele Like you never have anyone. Over the years he has given up acting to pursue screenwriting (on his CV Cross and Joy, The Champion and the latest Marilyn has black eyes) and is now making his directorial debut. Featuring the story of three characters who, on a September day, realize their life isn’t what they dreamed it would be. The cast includes Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Barbara Ronchi and the singer and actress Thony.

i turn you around by Sofia Alvarez – May 6 (Netflix)

That Teen Drama “Made in Netflix” is now a genre in itself. And now comes a new title. This is the story of Auden, who meets the mysterious Eli, a sleepless companion, in the summer before college starts. While the town of Colby sleeps, the two embark on a nighttime mission to help Auden live the fun and carefree teenage life he never knew he wanted. Among the “grown up” names are Andie MacDowell, Dermot Mulroney and Kate Bosworth.

Alcarras by Carla Simón – in cinemas from May 12th

Already author of the beautiful debut Summer 1993, the Spaniard Carla Simón returns with the power of the Golden Bear she won last February for this second work. Set in Alcarràs in Catalonia, where the director was born, the film is a rural family drama about the disappearance of agriculture. The focus is on the Solé family, who oppose the intention to install solar panels on an agricultural plot dedicated to the cultivation of peach trees.

Low Cost Generation – Zero Fucks Given by Julie Lecoustre and Emmanuel Marre – in cinemas from May 12th

The late Adèle di Kechiche returns as the protagonist of a portrait of a woman that focuses entirely on her and her charisma. Here, Adèle Exarchopoulos is a low-cost airline hostess struggling between a job that doesn’t satisfy her, a relationship between a layover and working out a family grief that’s still an open wound. Silly Italian title that makes you think of a comedy, although in reality it’s a very poignant existential fresco, thanks mainly to the good performance of the protagonist.

me and lulu by Reid Carolin, Channing Tatum – in cinemas May 12

Another silly Italian title for what is easy in the original: dog. This is the directorial debut of Channing Tatum, who co-directs with Reid Carolin the story of a former Marine who finds himself walking the dog, a comrade who died in the field. Destined for oppression because she too was traumatized by the war, Lulù develops an obviously special relationship with the protagonist. Pure example of “Americana”, which Tatum, as always, keeps very well on his (very broad) shoulders.

The weapon of deception – Operation Mincemeat by John Madden – in theaters May 12

The operation of the title is the plan carried out by the Anglo-American services in the spring of 1943, in the middle of World War II, to throw off the Nazi army. The genre is classic espionage warfare, and direction has been entrusted to John Madden Shakespeare in love. And indeed, the air of this film is that of ’90s productions the likes of which aren’t made anymore, with all the right British faces: Colin Firth, Matthew Macfadyen, Johnny Flynn, Tom Wilkinson, Kelly Macdonald and Jason Isaacs.

Secret Team 355 by Simon Kinberg – in cinemas from May 12th

New Oscar winner Jessica Chastain, already Oscar winners Penélope Cruz and Lupita Nyong’o as well as Diane Kruger, Fan Bingbing and, the male lead, the super priced Sebastian Stan. For a feminine action that emerges between the usual bond and the mess ocean 8. Filming locations scattered around the world, a naturally feminist message, just enough twists and turns: pure entertainment, and that’s ok.

Ahed’s knees by Nadav Lapid – May 18 (MUBI)

Under the pretense that it’s Cannes month, MUBI is launching a series of ‘thematic’ titles. One of the most interesting is the one that has not yet been published Ahed’s knees, winner of the Jury Prize at last year’s festival. Y., an Israeli dissident director with a project to make a film about Ahed Tamimi, comes to a remote Negev village to attend a screening of one of his films. There he meets Yahalom, an official at the Ministry of Culture who was supposed to be his guide, but who turns out to have many other purposes…

Outside the Night – Part One by Marco Bellocchio – in cinemas from May 18th

Marco Bellocchio returns to the Moro kidnapping and his own good morning night, but with an even more monumental and ambitious film/series. Out of competition at Cannes 2022, whether it’s a product for the small screen or the big screen: it’s cinema (no: a master’s cinema), that’s all. The first part will be in cinemas on May 18th, the second on June 9th, then the work will be broadcast in the original format ready for series production in autumn on Rai 1. Super cast: Fabrizio Gifuni as Aldo Moro, plus Margherita Buy, Toni Servillo. Fausto Russo Alesi and Gabriel Montesi.

Gagarine – Protect what you love by Fanny Liatard and Jérémy Trouilh – in cinemas from May 19th

Delayed by months (no: years), here is finally one of the true love affairs of the last few seasons. A directorial debut that mixes storytelling, sci-fi and the banlieue fresco that goes byTo hate to Les miserables. But this time everything through the eyes of (very good) kids of the second generation and with a flying end: in every respect. The lead female face is Lyna Khoudri, co-star of the episode of The French Dispatch with Timothee Chalamet.

Sailor of the Mountains by Karim Aïnouz – May 23 (MUBI)

After the magnificent The Invisible Life of Euridice GusmãoBrazilian Karim Aïnouz, winner of the Un Certain Respect category at Cannes 2019, embarks on another visual journey down memory lane. But this time the staged thoughts and feelings are also hers, because for the first time she ventures to Algeria, her father’s homeland. Another previously unreleased title from the MUBI Cannes review: the film was screened last year on the Croisette during the special screenings.

Top Gun: Maverick by John Kosinski – in cinemas from May 25th

This blockbuster sequel, also postponed by a bit due to a pandemic, goes to Cannes instead this year, opening the retrospective that the festival will dedicate to its protagonist, Tom Cruise. Returning to the role of cult pilot Pete Mitchell, you now step into the role of instructor and mentor to young students. Among the new faces are Miles Teller and Glen Powell, while we find Val Kilmer aka Tom “Iceman” Kazinsky. But there’s also Ed Harris, Jennifer Connelly and Jon Hamm.

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