The culture of inclusion is still losing

by Marianna Grazi

“The problem today is the mafia of fr**i”. word of Luca Barbareschi. The actor, director and former deputy doesn’t mince his words in the speech attentive and enthusiastic audience – hear the cheers of “Bravo!” and applause in the background – spoke on Friday April 29 in Sutri, in the Viterbo area. The occasion is the presentation of Exhibition “Quirky and lonelyat his side the mayor of the city of Tuscia Vittorio Sgarbi, also visibly delighted by the shocking words of the artist.
Called to intervene on the Sutri stage, the 65-year-old artistic producer spends with one judgement at the Biennale less artistic than cinematic. You know, everyone talks about the things they have the most skill and knowledge about. Barbareschi, who has had three relationships with two marriages, one of which is currently underway, speaks of homosexuality and the like. Sure, right?

“The problem is the gay and lesbian mafia”

“The Biennale, I can speak of cinema and theater, is equally dope because instead of stepping into a narrative that is ours that we can draw from with beautiful films and shows, there’s this kind of money cap that if Don’t do anything decadent, sad, depressing, you’re not an artist. And has been for years. […] The problem today is the mafia of fr**i, it’s not being gay, the problem is the mafia of gays and lesbians“.

The Free Men’s Rehabilitation Course

The Mafia wasn’t enough, the homotransphobic accusations against the LGBTQ+ community, which according to Luca Barbareschi would monopolize the current world art and cinema sector, weren’t enough, why not let yourself go with an example to accredit the thesis. When I say what his greatest satisfaction is this year, which is to produce”Woody Allen, Polanski and Mamet“The three greatest geniuses in the vein of cinema, theater and visual storytelling,” he explains, “are obviously in the crosshairs because all three are no longer allowed to work in the world. Because no one knows, no one has an exam anymore, no one is finished. They are just free men“. Just as a reminder, the three had various legal issues, see the case of Roman Polanski Roman, who was accused of drugging and raping a 13-year-old girl in 1997 and was under house arrest for eight months in 2009.
However, Barbareschi explains: “Speaking of which freedom“Who will go to Paris next July with the Polish director to make one”rehabilitation course in which I show that I have a Healthy relationship to sex. I don’t know what sex is, I’m going to this course with sex a a group of lesbians, a group of transgender people will try me and, I don’t know, they’re going to do it like in A Clockwork Orange, they’re going to show me a pair of breasts and if I throw up I’ll pass, if I try to touch them instead I’ll get locked up. Obviously a necessary course for Barbareschi, who seems comfortable not so much with sex as with how he expresses himself in his diversity of identity and orientation.

The Rules of Inclusion That’s “The Dumbest Thing in the World”

Then, continuing his shocking and coherent speech, the Italian director claims to have called none other than the President of the Oscars to ask for clarification on the new rules for the Oscars, including “The inclusivity“And that, according to Barbareschi,”this is the dumbest thing in the world. What does inclusion mean? I should make a film in which there is always a midget, a transgender, a Chinese…“. And as if that weren’t insulting enough, he wonders, ‘But how is a Chinese? Gay? Lesbian?’ He would then explain to the Academy President that his next film will be about the Normandy landings, which he promises will be “politically correct with your new rules”. “The only problem – continues amused and amusing for the audience of Sutri – is that during the landing the amphibians were about 10 meters (from the beach, edit) and the first midgets I have to wear to be nominated for the Academy Awards drown me.” laughs A perfect stand-up comedian. When asked how to solve this problem, the 65-year-old has the answer ready: “I have little duck“And if the Nazis shoot at the gnomes from above, I’ll take a Nazi dwarf army? Otherwise it’s politically incorrect… And when transgender people in heels get off the raft and pierce it, they drown. How do you do it?” .
At the end of his homophobic show, Luca Barbareschi sums it up: “This is how the world works the demolition culture, the waking culture that buries the West in collective suicide“. Applause, “bravo!”. Curtain, or rather, a beautiful pathetic veil.

The controversy: ‘Unacceptable words, apologize’

As expected, Barbareschi’s speech triggered a dust of controversy. The first to take a stand were the activists of Lazio pride, who responded to the discriminatory and insulting speech: “His words in addressing the mafia of the LGBT community are unacceptable. Barbareschi apologizes. Remember that the Pride of Ostia 2018 was dedicated to the victims of the mafia. The LGBT community is a victim of organized crimewhich exploits and oppresses the plights of those who are victims of homophobia”. Disapproving words also come from Vladimir Luxuria, who like the actor had a political past and feels questioned: “Barbareschi defines us as ‘fags and lesbians’ and even worse by calling us mafia. As a tranny I can say that “those who despise buy”…a few words for those in the know,” he wrote sharply on Twitter, which also included the response from Senator Dem, civil rights advocate for the LGBTQ+ community Monica Cirinnà: “Here it is, the language of hate for those who fear.” that their great privilege will be called into question. Small men with fragile identities. #ddlZan“.

Barbareschi’s replica

After the storm, Barbareschi backed down and tried to justify his words on social media: “I’m for all differences, as long as they don’t discriminate against others with a mafia-like sense of belonging – he writes, but insists on his own position -. It would be more interesting if social media dealt with beauty and literature, theater and cinema. Not of instrumental nonsense”

Excuses, no excusesin short, of those who show that the culture of inclusion in our country is in fact not yet successful, cannot root themselves on the arid and dry ground of those who do not accept that “the world is beautiful because it is diverse ‘ mankind finds one Added value in its diversity, in its nuances and to prove, is very often the art itself. Too bad some releases come from those who consider themselves artists. And then everything seems to be done all over again.

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