the best scenes from Matt Reeves’ masterpiece

Our review of The Batman isn’t enough to satisfy our desire to learn more about the Dark Knight’s Matt Reeves-influenced grunge universe The Batman. The confirmation of The Batman 2 has only added fuel to the hype fire, and the film’s release between DVDs and Blu-rays in May 2022 is an excellent opportunity to finally review one of the year’s highest-grossing films; undoubtedly a masterpiece among cinematics of all time. For that, we’re ready to hit the rainy streets of Gotham City to relive it the best scenes from The Batman; the milestones of this path that leads to the birth of the superhero symbol of this city that has conquered almost everyone in its evolution from Vendetta to Speranza.

I am vendetta

It’s raining in Gotham City. A gang of thugs have surrounded a victim and prepare to unleash the violence. But souls are restless, because up there in the sky, like a warning, a cone of light with the rudimentary silhouette of a bat stands out. The vigilante could be hiding anywhere in the dark, all criminals know that and commit their crimes in unrest when the bat signal is on. The young people with made-up faces who want to throw themselves at the man in the subway know that too. Furthermore. you experience it. Because the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs is unmistakable and draws their attention to the pitch-black hallway.

A pair of boots landed on the rain-soaked asphalt. The silhouette of what is not yet the hope for Gotham, but only his ruthless vigilante, confidently advances in bulletproof armor. “And who would you be, let’s hear?“He is sneered at by one of the thugs before a volley of punches hits him.”I am vendetta“The first appearance of Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight leaves a mark, and one simple sentence is enough to illustrate why he’s taking on the crime. A relentless curse of punishing brawn that has yet to be channeled for greater good.

The Batmobile and the Penguin Hunt

It appears to have broken apart between engine parts scattered on the workbenches of the Bat Cave for half the movie, though the entry at the location of The Batman’s Batmobile next to the Drops warehouse, where the penguin is about to complete his drug purchase, is like the awakening of an ancient creature, between flaming exhaust pipes and a bluish halo that reveals a very powerful rear propeller. A monster we see in action shortly after, right after Cobblepot escaped from us in a textbook chase.

Five minutes of action and frenzy as the Batmobile bangs the penguin in the ribs in the ever-present rain that plagues Gotham nights, while Oswald’s car slides through traffic until it becomes part of it and must unleash itself a big accident to sow the bat and maybe get rid of it for good smashing the concrete cylinder and taking advantage of makeshift ramps in the rush of fire hell unleashed by the penguin, breaching the flaming barrier just as Cobblepot was convinced he was successful in his intention, and his craft pirouetted to end the race head-on in below, defenselessly admiring the approaching masked defeat and peering into the upside-down shot, in a sequence that is altogether a little pearl of storytelling.

I can look after myself

We exit the chase, after which Bruce Wayne is forced to confront the first glimpses of the Riddler’s truth. The orphanage in Gotham, the city’s redevelopment project, behind which has opened a gorge of corruption in which Falcone wallows and to which Annika, Selina’s girlfriend, fell victim. Batman wants to know more about Catwoman’s decisions, the reasons for her stealing the Penguin, her involvement with Falcone. And in the end, another truth comes to light: Falcone is the father of Selina Kyle.

A fundamental moment in the relationship between Batman and the woman for which a feeling emerges. A series of exposed scars, partially shared by both; maybe they have that in common, beyond the mission to expose the rot of Gotham. Come on vendetta…

Bruce at Alfred’s bedside

You lied to me. Lifespan.“This is the conclusion Bruce Wayne came to following Falcone’s revelations about the fate of his parents, who appeared to have been killed by Maroni. Why hadn’t Alfred told him about it? Thomas Wayne’s unbreakable armor of righteousness crumbled in his son’s eyes with every word the crime boss said, and now he doesn’t know what or who to believe. And that’s where Alfred’s story comes in, being forced into a hospital bed after opening the Riddler’s explosive letter to Bruce.

The story of Thomas’ failure to pledge to protect his wife and child by turning to Falcone in a moment of weakness who would have done anything to make him pledged to him. The end of the scandal surrounding Martha Wayne, who was blood sedated by Falcone, however, he got Thomas back on trackready to report him to the police before he is killed with his wife.

Alfred’s words aren’t backed by the certainty of the boss’s guilt, but they change Bruce’s perspective again, especially after the faithful butler regrets not being able to prevent all of this and little Bruce feels guilty for what happened. Alfred just wasn’t ready to raise this kid like the late father, but this whole sharing of truths and feelings opens a hole in young Wayne’s armor, who For the first time in a long time he feared losing someone he loved. Just the one who, in one way or another, always wanted to be a part of this broken family and who can now shake hands with his master, the one he always loved like a son, for better or for worse.

Batman and the Riddler

I’ve been invisible all my life, but maybe I won’t be anymore“. The Riddler’s wounds and scars are deep and terrible in the key scene of the interview with Batman in Arkham Asylum. Life in the orphanage, the hope of Thomas Wayne’s renovation project, vanished with him. Media attention on little Bruce, who was an orphan himself, but not like those who endured the torments of hell in this structure. Bruce Wayne. For a moment, Batman finds himself exposednaked behind a mask that no longer protects him, the same mask that the Riddler doesn’t want to take from him like everyone else, because he knows that’s the true nature of who he’s hiding behind.

But then he realizes the man is just filled with resentment at not being able to peck Thomas’ son along with Batman, begging the weariness question: why all these notes addressed to him? Useless question for the Riddler, confused now. He he regards the Dark Knight as his armed arm, while he is the mind. He couldn’t have achieved anything without Batman; In addition, the bat was the inspiration for his plans, which are based on fear and targeted violence, just like the actions of the vigilante who calls himself Vendetta.

The Riddler views Batman as an ally and his “See you in hell‘ implied a reunion right in Arkham, in the same cell, awaiting the final act. But when the man behind the glass pane actually realized that The Dark Knight never understood this planhe understands that he is not his accomplice and therefore condemns him to helplessly witnessing the grand finale and unintentionally unleashing his development.

From Vendetta to Hope

There is always a moment of revelation in a hero’s journey, it is called revelation. It is this mechanism that is triggered and makes him realize which path he needs to take in order to become who he is meant to be. And for Batman, that’s the moment he uncovers one of the Riddler’s henchmen who intervened to wreak havoc on Gotham and who had just been punched to death after being injected with the adrenaline to rescue Selina from his clutches. “I am vendetta“Gordon reveals the misfortune, and Batman can only look in horror at what he himself has been up to up to this moment. A path that will lead him nowhere and that is by no means the solution to his and Gotham’s problems.

The electrical menace hanging over the flooded stadium leads him to a gesture that is as impulsive as it is emblematic. Batman throws himself onto the unsafe cable and shears it, sacrificing himself in the fall, swallowed by the waters flooding the structure and emerge not as a vendetta, but as a hope. “I’m starting to see now. I had an impact here, but not what I had in mind“. The vigilante feared by all places himself in the direct service of others, rescuing them from the Riddler’s water prison and leading them to safety, the only beacon that illuminates Gotham’s defeat and stands up in its defense. Because scars can destroy us, too when the wounds have healed. But if we survive, I can transformthey can give us the strength to resist and the strength to fight.

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