Tech Co. poised for ascension into new bull market

Expert Clive Maund reviews Danavation Technologies Corp. after completing a large base pattern to see if he thinks it’s a buy.

Danavation Technologies Corp. (DVN:CSE; DVNCF:OTCQB) is an exciting and innovative company that has developed the technology to enable full, real-time automation of retail and other pricing, eliminating much of the work involved and also the delays inherent in the process.

We are considering it here because after completing a major base pattern, it seems poised to move into a new bull market.

Looking at the 2-year chart, we can see that after it hit the market in early 2021, it peaked and then fell back almost as fast as it was rising before falling into a bear market. The significant rally in late 2021 looks like a recovery rally within an ongoing bear market, as it then reversed again and fell further back in another long downtrend that took it to a low of just under CA$0.20 midway through this year.

After that, it moved sideways and marked a basic pattern before starting to rise in the last month.

On this chart we can see that all of the action this year has taken the form of a bowl base pattern, with price dutifully holding onto and finding support at the bowl boundary. The now steeper rising bowl boundary promises a bull market breakout soon, made more likely by the uptrend accumulation line at the top of the chart already making new highs. The low volume for most of this year is typical of a bowl or saucer pattern, and the increase in volume as it started to climb out of the bowl last month is bullish.

On the 6-month chart, we can see the recent action in more detail. On the positive side, the strong volume that blasted through the 200-day moving average over the past month, which pushed the accumulation line sharply higher, and the way the volume waned right back when the price moved into the Consolidating in the past few days is also bullish, suggesting that a bull flag is forming and appears to be awaiting the close of a financing which is likely to occur soon.

The moving averages are fast approaching and it is clear that another significant upleg will quickly lead to a cross of the averages, marking the beginning of a new bull market.

As a bull flag is considered complete and another uptrend is likely soon, Danavation is rated here as an immediate buy for all timeframes.

Danavation Technologies Corp. website

Danavation Technologies Corp., closed at CA$0.295, $0.25 on September 9, 2022.

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