“Some say no”, Sclavi’s program in Vasco’s words

TOLENTINO – The candidate for mayor of the third pole, flanked by the representatives of the lists that support him, illustrated lines and objectives. “We think differently about taking on some responsibilities, for example in relation to the future of schools, reconstruction and health care in our region.” On the parking garage: “Parking must be rethought”. Pro loco: “I do not agree with what has been done so far”

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Mauro Slavei during the presentation

out of Francesca Marsil

«Today we want you to understand what we want to do, how we want to do it and what our plans are to achieve something that is necessary for Tolentino. I find it wonderful to hear the words that revolve around our intentions and yours».
Clavicle2-325x217 The presentation of the election program of the mayoral candidate for the third pole, Mauro Sclavi, began precisely with the notes and words of the piece “Stupendo” by Vasco Rossi.
An “unconventional” presentation that used the sometimes provocative lyrics of the Italian singer-songwriter, through the voice of Gabriele Lucentini, frontman of the Recidivi, to introduce the themes of the program for the next electoral challenge, and which ended with another exhortation “Revolution” by Renato Zero, who translated the Coalition’s slogan into music: “Tolentino changes with you”. With Mauro Sclavi, on the stage in Via Bonaparte, in the historic center, he was supported by some representatives of the three civic lists: Tolentino Civica e Solidale, Tolentino Popolare and Riformisti Tolentino, which summarized the more than thirty pages of the program tablets.
Clavicle3-325x217“I come from some decisions that took me away from the Pezzanesi government; I believe in ideals and I have chosen some ideals – the candidate began – we have chosen to be civic in all respects, we are not bound by parties but by people’s ideas. We think differently about taking on some responsibilities, e.g. B. in relation to the future of schools, reconstruction and health care in our region ». To underline Sclavi’s thoughts, the words of the famous passage “There are those who say no”: “I am convinced that saying no is not only a contradiction, but the being, when one weaves, that saying no distinguishes us “.


Mauro Sclavi and Stefano Servili

Behind the scenes, we asked the candidate what his program envisaged on two aspects not mentioned in the conference. The parking plan, which in 2016 was precisely the crucial element for which he resigned as prime minister. “The intention is to reconsider parking because from the start I was against the new parking plan, I found it a nuisance and depending on how we find the tills we will determine together with the Assm and the tradespeople and citizens how meet their needs.” And then the management of the Pro Loco of Tolentino. “That means in favor of the place, that’s the only thing I share with what has happened so far,” he replies, clearly indicating that he hopes for a modality change.


Ombretta Cosatti

To highlight the cultural aspect of the program Ombretta Cosatti of the Tolentino Reformist List, former head of the city library. “Let’s say no to the cultural immobility that has gripped our city in recent years. We must think about new development models and consider culture as a resource, investing in this strategic sector for the renewal of Tolentino, many are unaware of the treasures we have ».


Luigino Luconi

The other central theme of the program, the historic center, was illustrated by Luigino Luconi, candidate on the Tolentino Civica e Solidale list. “We found that the neighborhood committees, which should be the thermometer for local government, are not being considered.
There will be a change in our program that will ensure that neighborhood committees can participate more actively in community decision-making by participating in community councils without voting but having a say.

He also rose on stage Christian Pulin, Candidate for the Tolentino Civica e Solidale list. His violin, with which he performed, underlined the aspect that the mayoral candidate repeated several times: “to let the ability speak”.


Fabio Montemarani

The hottest topic that has catalyzed the conflict between the candidates in recent weeks: schools, has been introduced by Fabio Montemarani from Tolentino Popolare. «We have always fought about this issue because the administration in recent years has led to a cultural desert that begins with a shameful thing: the library is still closed; but I feel relieved because in the last few days, after six years, Luconi has said that it will finally find spaces to reopen it – commented the candidate of the city council – it is important for us to get the students back in the with Don Bosco Bringing center structure That’s for sure because middle schoolers have been doing it for several years. It is possible to adjust the second floor seismic and bring the Filelfo boys who are staying in the premises of the former Quadrilatero clearly in a temporary way. Funds can be found at the PNRR, at the proven or at the foundations, you just have to want it ». On Don Bosco’s move to the Peace Area, Mauro Slavei also added one of his thoughts: “If you listen to the technicians, it is clear that the assessment and what to do could be done in different ways, it was a choice but that opportunity was not given to us”.


Diego Aloisi

The part of the program touching on the theme of industry and work was presented by Diego Aloisi, candidate on the Tolentino reformist list. «The revitalization of the city must not ignore the rebuilding of our industrial structure, our goal is to make Tolentino an attractive city and to repopulate it. There are many funds from the NRP that will reach city authorities; They must be well managed. In order to manage the resources well, it is necessary to set up a pool of Superpartes experts working with the municipal administration and coordinated by the reference department. The promotion of our territory must be done through a digitization of public administration, with a platform that can contain the information that entrepreneurs need to come to Tolentino: available plots and prices and with what perks. Anyone who wants to come here needs to know why we offer our territory as a really attractive business park”.


Benedetta Lancioni

The young woman Benedetta Lancioni of Tolentino Popolare: «We want to reactivate young people’s critical thinking and the values ​​they have to fight for. We want everyone to feel part of this community of participation and inclusion.” Stefano Servili from the Tolentino Civica e Solidale list besides schools, it touched on the other central topic: health. “It is important for us to bring back the right to health to Tolentino and for this reason we are committed to understanding the Region’s attitude towards the hospital, a structure whose substantive situation is not yet well defined. but still under construction. We will try to get a hospital that is as valid as possible for the city, quality healthcare ». A fundamental issue, that of the municipal hospital, on which candidate Slave also spoke. “We have two problems. The first: What actually happens when the hospital is demolished until rebuilding and here we have a solution that will act as a ferry because when they demolish it the dialysis will go and the first aid station and services will married. we have plans The second is related to the reconstruction of the hospital that will be there, but there is the question related to the beds that is talked about so much: we still do not know if they will be hospitalized, very difficult, right whether they will be territorial and therefore of the family doctor. We are committed to local assistance and telemedicine ».


Christian Pulin


Group photo with mayoral candidate Mauro Slavei


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