Sano e Altea, a therapy session with the freshest Italian pop

When the name Thru Collected began to appear more and more insistently in the Italian musical jungle last summer, we knew immediately that we were on to something new. The first releases, the video clips, the label’s collection CD, Unusual, convinced us of everything. That’s why we interviewed her last October, highlighted her among the best Italian records and video clips of 2021 and included Alice, one of the label’s members, in our class of 2022 as Promise of the Year. To surprise us again, but here they start the new year with the release of the collective’s first two solo EPs just a week away: The industry, the pop, the camera, the sex by Sano e do not forget me from Altea.

Sano, 21, from Naples and Altea, 23, from the province of Lecce, are two names that we had come to know Unusual and from which we expected a slightly more condensed edition in order to understand its artistic importance. Spoilers: They kept their promises. Their EPs emerge from the same artistic magma, the recirculation of inspiration and production of Thru Collected, but despite these affinities they explore two similar sonic worlds that are at the same time particularly different. On the one hand the avant-pop of Sano, ADHD music, a mixture of chewed, spat out, deconstructed genres like the lyrics, on the other the sound aesthetics of Altea, which finds a home in refined atmospheres that refer to specific sound textures English School.

To tell us about their respective outings, we took them on a couples therapy video session between Milan, Rome and Naples and found ourselves in a natural complicity that overcame the technical difficulties of a multi-city call.

Let’s start the session: How did you meet?
Altea: At my house in Naples once I’ve moved. I lived with a couple of guys who made videos for the UANM collective, one of which was Riccardo (that real name of Healthy, n / A). So I found it at home, we shot videos, took photos. That’s how we met.

When did you first hear each other’s music?
Altea: On this occasion when we were shooting these videos.
Healthy: When Altea started making music with Reiner, one of the producers of the Thru Collected. It was there that I first came into contact with his talent.

And what was the first impression?
Altea: I didn’t understand their music! I had never heard this type of music before moving to Naples.
Healthy: I was fascinated by the voice and attitude, but I was sorry that he sang in English at the time. I wanted to hear her sing in Italian because I knew she would break, as she later proved.

The first song you wrote and recorded together?
Healthy: In my opinion it was a series of devastated songs!
Altea: But you were in there mullet (one of the songs from Discomoneta, nda)?
Healthy: Yup!
Altea: It was like this mullet because it’s the first song that I wrote in Italian among others and not alone in the bedroom. It was my first time jamming with Thru Collected and I got this part that has now, in various forms, become mullet.

What does this your first EP mean?
Altea: It’s an achievement. I always wanted to make music and move in a broad musical and artistic environment. As long as I was in Puglia my life was very different, but when I arrived in Naples everything changed. Despite everything, I managed to do what I wanted and felt with this EP.
Healthy: I found myself in my little room, with my equipment, with the need to say things, to do them, to produce them. Up until that moment I had never produced. I wanted the first release to be made in my name with the few options I have, to represent who I am now, for better or for worse, and in the bedroom. It’s a gesture of emancipation.

What are the inspirations you came from?
Altea: The people around us. I am a world, an intimate and personal world that constantly inspires me
Healthy: True! I agree.

So I’m wondering what is Thru Collected for you?
Healthy:Thru Collected is a dazzling character, constantly moving and changing, maintaining an underlying soul of friendship, harmony, and mutual charms that we generate between us to create things. These single releases are also collective releases for me. It’s a label, a collective, a group with strong individualities.
Altea: You’re right.

Do you think there is something else that connects these EPs besides Thru Collected?
Altea: A major change, a turning point, whether positive or negative. It is intended to sanction a point.
Healthy: They certainly share the historical micro-period in which they were written. Both are known to have an urgency to say something to someone or the community.

What do you like most about the other person’s work?
Healthy: It drives me crazy when Altea goes for the tracks, I really have a fetish! It never ceases to amaze, it’s magical. She also has an incredible voice and the whole atmosphere that Reiner, Giovanni Troccoli and Riccardo Sergio create around her is perfect in my opinion.
Altea: For me the fact that Sano always ousted. He always has an ace up his sleeve. It goes straight to the point with a disarming simplicity. This EP is like that; he says a lot about himself, about others, and says to their faces.

What did you think or feel when you first heard each other’s EP?
Altea: I remember very well. It was a morning and usually when I wake up I don’t want to hear anything and be at peace. But that morning Riccardo had sent me his EP and I really needed to listen to it, forever. I couldn’t let him miss a word; it was a very important thing. It then happened to me twice more that when I put it down to listen, I couldn’t do anything else, it froze.
Healthy: I, on the other hand, witnessed the birth and growth of the Altea EP in the studio from the start and I have very clear memories of all the steps that led to this record. I’ve lived it that way, a lot from the inside.

Is there anything you learned from the others?
Healthy: A lot.
Altea: Yes, but it’s like asking to tell a person in one word, it’s complicated. His presence, his movements, the way he speaks, thinks, relates to other people. There is always something to learn, be it technical or human. Especially with harmonies and voices we help each other a lot. We advise each other.
Healthy: Very correct.

Coming to a pivotal moment in this session: What did you learn about yourself writing these pieces?
Healthy: I’ve learned that songs acquire value when you actually have something to say and can encapsulate it with images, concepts, words, names, capable of gathering something personal that transcends what the listener is given met. This spurs you on and drives you to produce sincerely and naturally.
Altea: I realized that I can’t lie and I learned that I have to be honest when writing. I don’t care about faking or being anything else. Writing is therapeutic.

The titles of the discs contain their pictures. Can you tell me how you got yours?
Altea: Riccardo, I was also wondering what yours means to you.
Healthy: At a certain point I realized that this first product could have reached a slightly larger audience than I had always reached. And I said to myself: why hold on to standards? So I wanted to translate my dystopian and destructive notion of pop and mainstream as much as possible. Hence the awkward and difficult text and a title full of words to help you immediately understand the importance of the words in this record. However, the tracks were chosen at 5am, just before the discs were released!
Altea: We have projects with other titles on the computer! Mine came to mind because “forget-me-not” is a flower that I loved very much as a child and repeating that phrase forget-me-not, forget-me-not, I really liked.
Healthy: And indeed it rocks, good!
Altea: Thanks very much!

These EPs are very multifaceted, they say a lot, but in a very short time. In fact, none of them arrive at the quarter hour. We understand that Thru Collected doesn’t want to respect the industry’s typical rules and standards, so I’d like to ask you how do you understand music and releases?
Healthy: It’s a very spontaneous thing. Everything that surrounds us is very fast and attention to things is very short in 2022: a story lasts 15 seconds and you watch computer, television and phone at the same time. Because we had the freedom to experiment and find our own dimension, we fully represented what we live in that historical, cultural and social context. Sudden changes where ten thousand things happen in twelve minutes, all wrapped up in a constant call to the listener’s attention, to ourselves and to our production processes.
Altea: We are people who are very bored. We’re bored with the music we’re listening to, so we push ourselves to find new solutions. This is the lynchpin of our collaboration; everything is fresh, everything is constantly changing. We do things because we’re good together, because that’s where it goes.

The time for the session is up, so I have one last question for you: there is also a short film to link the two EPs. How did the idea of ​​a common narrative path come about?
Altea: Our works were so close together that it seemed natural to put them together and show a little more reality (and fiction) of what we were experiencing. Also, a bit of ‘all thru collected’ appears in the video as it should.

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