Rock Festival May 1 Traversetolo Events in Parma

Rock returns to the streets of Traversetolo with the traditional concert on May 1st, Labor Day. Two stages, eight bands, almost nine hours of music, with concerts from 3pm to 11.30pm, a tribute to the great Fabrizio De Andrè. On the main stage in Piazza V. Veneto, bands from the region will touch on different genres – pop, folk, blues, hard rock – while De Andrè’s songs will brighten up the afternoon in Piazza Fanfulla. But it won’t just be music. As always, in the streets of the center there are refreshment points with the popular “sausage bread” and with the craft breweries of Articioc and Oldo. And there will be the driving and inevitable market chosen with Magic Market creatives and artisans.

The event, sponsored by the Municipality of Traversetolo, is organized by Pro loco Traversetolo in collaboration with the municipal administration and the contribution of Magic Market. Sponsors are All Glass, Conad Traversetolo, Emiliana conglomerati, Prosciutteria Trascinelli.
The artistic directors are Lorenzo Cavazzini, who comes from the experience of the now defunct Puerto Libre club, which had been organizing the concert for 18 years since 1996, and Ugo Cattabiani, former president of the songwriters’ association Rigoletto Records.

The Mayor Simone Dall’Orto, Councilor for Associations Alessia Ziveri, Artistic Director Lorenzo Cavazzini, representatives of the local Pro loco attended the press conference to present the event on Thursday April 21, 2022 in the Council Chamber of the Agresti Court. After the forced stop due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the return of the “old” artistic direction, for the launch of the 2022 edition the organizers have thought of the message “Return to the Origins”: actually active bands in the years’ 90/ 2000 as Marasma, Jacknifed Juggernaut and Bouganville appear.

Mayor Simone Dall’Orto is satisfied: “Let’s start again from this 24th edition. When we took office in 2016, we continued the festival that was born with Club Puerto libre and faced a challenge that was not easy. We have been fortunate to always be sponsored by local businesses, for which I sincerely thank, as well as everyone involved
this new adventure”.

“We saw a proposal that came from a group of people who are already experts in this field, a complete proposal, thought through to the smallest detail and immediately welcomed by our pro loco. As administrators, we are satisfied with this synergy, the enthusiasm for which is contagious to everyone. In a way saddened by the war, we rejoice in this moment of understanding,
mutual respect and harmony,” added Commissioner Alessia Ziveri

Lorenzo Cavazzini, longtime organizer of the concert, does not hide his emotion: “The aim of the event has always been to give local bands the opportunity to perform in front of a large number of people on important, well-equipped stages. 500 bands passed our stage and got great visibility. We chose the claim “back to basics” because we actually bring local bands back on stage with original songs and bands from the 90’s and 2000’s”.

Emanuela Pambianchi, Vice President of Pro Loco, and Carlotta Rosati, Secretary, join in the enthusiasm: “It will be the concert, the first big event after the pandemic, we are very excited. A great start that will be followed by other initiatives. And even the dealers are happy about that.”

The program and the bands
From 3 p.m. in Piazza V. Veneto (in front of the Town Hall)
THE ACADEMY BAND – Band of very young people chosen from among the students of the Academy’s school of Nicola Denti and Lelio Padovani
THE LAWYERS – recently formed band based on the idea of ​​Emanuele Mordacci, young guitarist
JACKNIFED JUGGERNAUT – Rock/New Wave band, very active in the 2000s, returning to the Traversetolo stage with all their compositional skills
BLUES EXPERIENCE – Band of professional musicians capable of incredible improvisations: Max Lugli, great harmonica expert, also played on Ligabue’s Happy Birthday Elvis record. Lorenzo Zambini, “Mr. Zamb”, guitar, young scion from the lower Parma area, singer and passion slider already noticed at Little Paul Venturi. Oscar Abelli, on the scene for half a century,
intense and creative drummer, long tours in USA and Europe, played with international artists and with Lucio Dalla.
THE GUSTIBLUES – band for all lovers of blues music, in a unique performance
SNEI AP – All-female alternative rock band, active for ten years with snappy guitars and singing melodies, present their latest single “Journey”
BOUGANVILLE – the members come from historical bands of Parma like Dogana and The June and are part of the music history of the last 30 years in Parma. Electric folk-rock has returned to different latitudes, between west coast, hard and psychedelia, for this combo of Parma veterans
MARASMA – between alternative rock / pop / psychedelic and progressive, a journalist defined her genre “Mediterranean Rock” in the 90s. After 15 years of imprisonment, the Marasma from Traversetoli, who were very popular from the 90s until their dissolution in early 2000, perform some of their most important songs

From 4 p.m. in Piazza Fanfulla
SCHIAVO CANTA DE ANDRE ‘- Giorgio Schiavo, experienced guitarist, has embarked on a high-level semi-acoustic musical path in recent years; the resemblance of the voice to that of Fabrizio De Andrè is impressive. Late afternoon on the main stage between a band and another live show percussion house music

From 3 p.m. in the No Name Bar musical entertainment with Amedeo Musso

During the event there will be information interventions on the artists and interviews with guests, edited by the Councilor for Associations Alessia Ziveri.

Guests will be:
Martin Iotti – professional musician and creator of Kayman Records
Pierangelo Pettenati – journalist and operator in the music sector
Roberto Perotti – photographer and musician
Alex Uccelli – President of the Blue Cross of Traversetolo
a nurse who will share her experiences

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