Rock Down, a hundred more these days

Rock down, a hundred more these days is a book-diary, 5500 pages, nine million lines, about fear, about disorientation, about the phases of the Italian pandemic pioneers: the attack on supermarkets, the red zones, the amuchina, gloves, masks, the weeks, the months. The surrender, the courage.

The diary of an everyday life, redefined and redesigned for survival.

The lockdown, apnea in a suffocating surrealism, has on the one hand made us feel connected in misfortune, on the other hand it has made us helpless in the face of shared misfortune. An extraordinary situation that no one could escape. Between smart working, “residence obligation”, closed schools, distance learning, he, Michele Monina, journalist, music critic, author, had an intuition. And when we say that writing has a saving effect, we mean it. Writing to throw away, to remove something traumatic: writing to analyze, to overcome, to “stop” what is happening, without any difference: from logistical Changes, more or less problematic, through grief to collective disaster. And sometimes, when the Buriana is over, what is written even sounds a little strange to our own feelings. But writing, as we know, has the ability to expose even those who use it well as a profession. It’s a desperate attempt to preserve memory, allowing not to lose pieces along the way, to quote Isabel Allende.

Day after day, during the two years of the pandemic – from February 24, 2020 to February 24, 2022 – Michele Monina recounted everything that happened, everything that struck him, in pain, in the extraordinary, in the tender and raw moments at the abyss of the soul, at the mercy of despair. Touching days, for the delicacy of a simple gesture that knew how to surprise. Nervous days screwing up the impossibility of explanation. Days of hope, courage, constructive thoughts, explosion of creativity. The central story is the personal one, engulfed by a broader and no less distant context, from the death of Raffaella CarrĂ , Franco Battiato, through that of Diego Armando Maradona and Pablito Rossi, to the victory of Italy among the Europeans, from the advance from the cancel culturewhen importing from black From phonetics to writing. Intimate, personal memories, but also Italian memories, of being Italian, of feeling Italian, in a mixture of sentimentality and irony. The original idea was to write ten short stories that told his newly organized love affair of seven people, him, his wife Marina, his four children Lucia, Tommaso, Francesco and Chiara and his mother-in-law Franca. In order not to lose the expression of life, Michele Monina poured soul juice into a container full of wisdom and irony and turned it into a record book.

Of Rock down, a hundred more these days, a single copy is published and auctioned off, but in seventy-two hours the diary has already been read by over three hundred readers and thus entered the Guinness World Records under the heading: Longest reading of a single volume ever. From midnight April 13th to midnight April 15th, skirt down It became a reading performance broadcast live on YouTube and at the Mole Vanvitelliana in Ancona. Filming took place in Milan at the Sala Bausch of the Elfo Puccini Theater and at the IBM Studios in Piazza Gae Aulenti. In addition to Michele Monina, his wife Marina Bastianelli and his children, among the readers were representatives of the national music scene, pop music, pop music, songwriters, record companies, managers, promoters, press offices. There was the Milan of citizens, volunteers, nurses, doctors, politics. There were intellectuals, writers, actors, journalists, radio stations, moderators, praesidia, rectors, teachers, teachers and students of all orders and degrees, from kindergarten to university, some of them protagonists, lines, pages, of the diary and then athletes, entrepreneurs , worker.

Apart from the records and the exceptional nature of the event, skirt down it brought us back there, to the parts of the heart where memory passes and where the forge of creativity resides. There are those who, in moments of desperation, need to let creativity explode in order not to let it implode, who on the contrary need time and slowness to let it flow freely. Everyone reacted in their own way to this fear between days of give and take, do and talk. For others, those days were the watershed between old and new jobs, old and new dreams, old and new projects. We ourselves old and new.

Michele Monina has written a powerful, straightforward, perceptive and funny text that does not seek consensus but offers suggestions for self-discovery. skirt down it’s much more than a writing job. He didn’t reduce everything to self-celebration or an unconventional presentation of a paper book. As well as the readers, from Red Canzian to Enrico Ruggeri, from Alberto Fortis to Gigi d’Alessio, from Ferradini, father and daughter, to Elio De Capitani, past Adriano the blogger, Valeria the sales representative, Antonino the art professor all, VIPs and non-VIPs booked reading places (without public appointments) and stood behind the lectern, under the white light square, with the same naturalness of nine-year-olds. With the same emotion and respect for what the lockdown was, in a continuous passage of rumours. on top of each other The organization was very efficient (when simplicity is a profession and an art, everything seems incredibly simple). One voice after another without applause, without celebration, without salami cians, without anything extraordinary if not essential or the fact that we are all part of one big puzzle.

Michele Monina’s name never appeared below Rock Down Still a hundred these days.

Still, he and his family were always present, running the two venues and also running reading shifts of over half an hour to cover (ironically) Covid-related absences. skirt down It is the book of a great soul, an uninterrupted voice of readers inspired, involved, entertained and moved by the memories of Michele Monina. With skirt down he reveals something he doesn’t usually reveal about himself when he “translates,” romanticizes, or critiques the naked and raw. “We’ve talked for two years about returning to normal, hoping for it and restarting, only to realize that normal now moves so cautiously and disillusioned in the uncertainty into the future. With skirt down we tried to hypothesize a new starting point, from an intimate diary to a collective choir, aware that it only works if the individualities become a weather that you can really think about future projects again,” said Michele Monina before the performance skirt down. And three hundred and fifty people, taking turns at the microphone in seventy-two hours, believed it.

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