Report from the Art Basel 2022 fair: comments and sales

The sales by Italian gallerists at the fair, for the first time by Art Basel and Liste, are affecting the Biennale in terms of acquisitions. Here’s what happened during the market’s hottest week

MASSIMODECARLO at Art Basel 2022. Courtesy MASSIMODECARLO, Milan, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Beijing.

The week of fairs from ArtBasel ended and after returning to the usual calendar, altered only by the temperatures outside the mid-summer range, it seems fair to say that the art market has shown all its will to reconnect, resume talks and initiate acquisitions.


In a Basel trying to reconstruct the dynamics before the pandemicBoth in the aisles of the flagship Art Basel and in the List’s new headquarters, the team of Italian galleries was being fed, or at least what we accepted as such at the time, a sign that our international credibility has not been weakened by the events of the last two years, in On the contrary, the driving force to fight on an equal footing with international colleagues for the quality of the offers and attractiveness remains. This edition also celebrated newcomers and premieres at the Basel fairs, such as that of Corrado Gugliotta Laveronica and from See from Florenz, who were at Art Basel Statement for the first time this year, or from Martina Simetiwho made his debut on list that “an excellent response to the gallery from curators and institutions, numerous in the public and by Costanza Candeloro, of which we have only proposed a stand with new works “, as he told us. Several sales by Simeti for the works produced by Candeloro between 2019 and 2022, which have attracted the interest of French, Italian and Swiss collectors, with prices ranging between 3,500 and 9,000 euros.

Anna Maria Maiolino, Untitled, Interações series (from the Interactions series), 2013. Courtesy Galleria Raffaella Cortese, Milan
Anna Maria Maiolino, Untitled, Serie Interações (from the series Interactions), 2013. Courtesy
Raffaella Cortese Gallery, Milan


Among the 70,000 visitors who streamed into the aisles of the fair, not only the well-known faces of the global art system but also collectors certainly returned to Basel Mera Rubell to Patrizia Sandretto Re Rebaudengoout Uli Herren to Hans Ulrich Obrist, in a crowded preview – too crowded for some – of a moment that is practically the strategic heart of the week’s deals. And since day one, they’ve been chasing information about the amazing sales figures megas global – most notably the $40 million “spider” from Hauser & Wirth Luise Bourgeois, a number even higher than the artist’s auction record of $32 million – and the influences of the “Biennale Effect” were also felt in the aisles of Art Basel, with the intense attention Zineb Sedira and Latifa Echakhch by Kamel Mennour, a Cecilia Vicuna by Lehmann Maupin (who sold two works for $165,000 and $180,000) ea Marlene Dumas by David Zwirner (two works also sold here, for $2.6 and $8.5 million). Additionally, as has been the case in the auction market, the appetite for global collecting is also being confirmed for the youngest and most accomplished artists, who are responding to the blue-chip galleries that have placed them on the stands alongside the more established names.

MASSIMODECARLO at Art Basel 2022. Courtesy MASSIMODECARLO, Milan, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Beijing.
MASSIMODECARLO at Art Basel 2022. Courtesy MASSIMODECARLO, Milan, London,
Paris, Hong Kong, Beijing.


If it became known early enough from the Galleria Continua that a painting by Yoan Capote immediately flew away for €850,000 and ended up in the collection of a European institution. When Raffaella Cortese returns from Switzerland, she can celebrate at least two important sales, starting with the photo series beet scene (1973/2001) by Ana Mendieta in a Swiss private collection. “A powerful work that immediately, in 1973, brings us back to the inhabited walls with the “scream” of tragic news from a student, his partner‘ explains the gallery. “Mendieta performed a reconstruction of the event in her apartment “in response to the idea of ​​violence against women”.“. In the stand, presented as “a new chapter in a feminist and feminist narrative”, following the clear direction always favored by the gallery, a triptych on paper was created by Anna Maria Maiolino (existing, with a very strong video, also ad Unlimited), Untitled, série Interações (from the series Interactions), which has already been shown at the PAC in Milan (2019) and the MAXXI in Rome (2020) and has found its new home in a German private collection. Price range, from the first to the second, from $50,000 to $230,000.

Costanza Candeloro, A Bitter Tears Phone Call, 2019. Courtesy of Martina Simeti, Milan
Costanza Candeloro, A Bitter Tears Phone Call, 2019. Courtesy of Martina Simeti, Milan


satisfaction too Lia Rummawhich emphasizes the importance of getting back in touch”with a number of valid and selected collectors“, among which only the lack of Asian and American audiences was felt, still not returned to pre-Covid levels. Positive sales development for both the most established artists and young people. Among the works that received feedback at the gallery booth, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, The happy idea2002 (prices between €600,000 and €800,000); Ettor Spalletti, Sills, tinted2000 (€250,000-350,000); Gian Maria Tosatti, 5_The Basics of Light – Archaeology (patch 6)2015-2017 (price range: €15,000-25,000); Tobias Zielony, light2016-2017 (€8,000-10,000).

The other big name from Campania, Alfonso Artiacosays it’s at Art Basel this year”felt good energy and gained a lot of interest in the gallery’s historical artists, but also in a new addition, Diego Cibelli“. From the young artist who has just been added to the list, Artiaco has sold 4 ceramic sculptures from 2022 in the series Totemic Landscape, in the range of 6,000-9,000 euros. Among other things sold: six works by Darren Mandel from the last exhibition at the gallery in 2019 (price range 14,000-35,000 euros); two works by Robert Barri, between 12,000 and 20,000 euros; Thomas Hirschhorn, with the series Influencer Poster exhibited at the last solo exhibition at the gallery in 2021, between 35,000 and 40,000 euros. And then Vera Lutter and Juan Usle in a range between 70,000 and 100,000 euros. The result at the end of the fair led to the sale of 17 works.

From Massimo de Carlo It emphasizes the importance of returning to the heart of major events, meeting customers and following up negotiations, with encouraging results from day one. “We are thrilled with this edition and would be happy to sell it again personally. It was a great opportunity for us to show both classics and new artists from the gallery‘ is the hot comment. “After seeing the success of our ‘Focus Sections’ in Hong Kong last month, we decided to keep this format for our stand. We presented two solo shows dedicated to Jenna Gribbon and Ferrari Sheppard, which sold out on day one, and a section, Mapping the Now, which brought together artists who used maps as a starting point for their work. All in all a successful choice, with sales of about 30 works below the suggested ones and prices ranging from $50,000 to $350,000.

Art Basel was really positive this year. We have concluded negotiations for works by Niele Toroni, Günter Umberg and Arcangelo Sassolino as well as Philippe Decrauzat, ranging in price from €25,000 to €70,000“. To speak is the gallery Invernizzi artwho returns home with sales made and to be defined: “Works by Riccardo De Marchi and Pino Pinelli that integrate the collection of a foreign foundation will be negotiated. We also found great interest in Mario Nigro’s works from the 1950s from a European museum institution.

– Cristina Masturzo

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