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It was a busy spring season for generalist TV. But not all donuts succeed with the hole. The ratings were there, starting with football, from fiction, from Raoul Bova and Luca Argentero, who pierce the video. Come on, talent, especially friends. Fun too (just think of the Costanzo Show which brought back some serenity to us). Eurovision (that’s not Sanremo!) nailed over 6.5 million viewers.
Legacy, Soliti Ignoti and Chain Reaction got fed up. In contrast to the referendum, which nobody cared about. On Rai1, the special porta a porta did not exceed 7.1% of the share in prime time. Confusing state for talk shows, now derailed from the cannons due to the “chicken coop” effect. Even report it and who saw it? sometimes they exaggerate, but at least they discuss news and requests. But the really upbeat note is the big return of live music early in the evening. Hooray!


Amadeus deserves the highest rating for providing the impetus for the return of music in the early evening, as well as for Chiara Ferragni’s bang and for her arena. Applause to Gigi D’Alessio, in the evening in honor of Lucio Dalla. The shows by Baglioni and Michelle Hunziker also went very well on Canale5. Talent is always strong. A special round of applause goes to Carlo Conti for the bravery of The Band, even if the ratings didn’t reward him.


Live football scored super odds. The National on Rai1 sticks (and upsets) more than 6 million viewers. The same figures for the final of the Champions League, broadcast by Canale 5, which also rejoices in the successes of the Italian Cup, snatched from Rai: 8.7 million in the final and a share of 41.5% in of overtime reached 46.9%. tv8 also did well in the Roma final (3.3 million).


Doc couple on TV. If Dustin Hoffman doesn’t make a mistake at a movie, Maria De Filippi hasn’t made a mistake at a program in decades. It’s always great to listen to and this year the Amici left their mark, even if the finale was broadcast on Sunday and not on Saturday as usual (because of Eurovision). Maurizio Costanzo left his mark for 40 years. The Costanzo Show experiences a second youth.


Pair of aces in every TV appearance. Raoul has depopulated in TV series, the Doc Argentero is always at the top of the ratings. Good marks also for RaiFiction with Superstar Blanca. Kudos to Professor Alessandro Gassmann, a round of applause to Il Paradiso delle Signore, a little nod to Elena Sofia Ricci and Terence Hill, who left the set. May God help us to forgive them.


Alberto Matano with Live Life and his reliable and credible correspondents, Flavio Insinna with The Legacy, Marco Liorni with Chain Reaction, Eleonora Daniele and Antonella Clerici, Mara Venier and Milly Carlucci, Francesca Fialdini and Beppe Convertini keep the Rai1 antenna high. A special round of applause goes to Salvo Sottile and Anna Falchi, who rejuvenated Rai2’s Fatti Vostri. And good Magalli to the masked singer.


The Joy of Music with Corrado Augias and Dilemmi with Gianrico Carofiglio are two of the new releases most appreciated by Rai3 audiences. Two responses to the political talks that are raging. In Dilemmi there is a stopwatch for interventions and the interlocutor is not interrupted. Pierluigi Diaco, the incognito boss Max Giusti, the belva Francesca Fagnani, Stefano De Martino and the tonica Andrea Delugu are all rising in price on Rai2.


Fabio Fazio has had a good season. Many renowned and international guests, good ratings on Rai3. Of course, his interviews are a bit of a “mat”, shall we say, looking more like a fan asking questions of his darling than a host. Luciana Littizzetto’s monologue is often funny. With Nino Frassica, every adjective is superfluous. On the set of Don Matteo he put up more resistance than Terence Hill.


Always reliable Serena Bortone. The columns with Manuela Moreno and Marzia Roncacci grow on Rg2. The two from the Social Club, Luca Barbarossa and Andrea Perrone, Senio Bonini from Agorà Extra, Valerio Lundini, who contributed a part, even if the ratings do not reward him (he goes very strongly with the clips on RaiPlay instead), deserve applause .


Both launched by Ciao Maschio. The first celebrated in Sanremo now manages the almanac. The two drag queens are a welcome surprise. Always guaranteed to play Paolo Bonolis (even in prime time), Gerry Scotti, Silvia Toffanin. The Eurovision trio Pausini, Cattelan and Mika is enough. Clementino feels much more at home in the Voice senior than in the Made in Sud. Welcome back Balivo.


Striscia’s good season was ruined by the Baglioni case. Ilary Blasi collects faux pas (studied at the table). Enrico Papi tries his best to make people laugh (and sometimes even succeeds), while the Rai presenters’ tears at the end of the season seem like crocodile tears. Monica Setta’s program is more of a flop generation than “Generation Z” as it ended late at night. And with Tiberio Timperi, a bit of acid flashes through.


Luckily, Carmelita has decided to devote herself to the theater again! Fiction would not harm her either, because her TV appearances no longer convince the viewers. doll stayed. His Afternoon5 has outdated methods and his correspondents like Cristina Battista and Ilaria Dalle Palle regularly fail – despite their willingness to do anything – at the hands of their competitor Vita live.


Comparing the opinions of good scientists with No Vax, wizards, charlatans, defeatists of yesteryear and now throwing open the doors not only to the Pro-Utinians but even to the Russian propagandists is really too much! Rete4 standard bearer. Guests are invited while the chicken coop is being created, causing confusion among people. Luckily there are Vespa and Mentana who at least know how to manage the ground floor.


14:00 from Milo Infante didn’t hurt. His correspondent Nicole Di Giulio just doesn’t impress with her performances. The case that angered all beauticians is striking. Camper on Rai1 is a program without rhyme or reason. Hosts Roberta Morise and Tinto are inexperienced, have downtime and awkward and awkward connections, like those with Maria Elena Fabi and Elisa Silvestrin.


Simona Branchetti insufficient. He hosted the Afternoon5 News and it was a flop. And now come back. Same disaster announced for Francesca Parisella with Anni20, even at night. Wishes D’Amico not to end up like this. Useless and senseless the interventions of the columnist Anna Vagli in Mattino5. His presence brings no (added) value. In fact it is decreasing. The connections to Olga Mascolo are just as surreal.


Lucia Annunziata and Antonio Di Bella: How can two professionals of their caliber slip on an open mic with the history of Ukrainians defined as hundreds of thousands of waitresses, attendants and even lovers? Sorry because they are two great professionals, experienced and good directors. Carolina Rey, Fabio Gallo and Incoronata Boccia make the weekly program even worse than the title.


Public service is okay, but bombarding the viewer with prime-time political programming is a announced suicide, a game not worth the candle. People are less and less interested in politics, let alone viewers who want to watch something interesting during prime time. The prime time porta a porta special accounted for 7%. And there are those who have fared worse.

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