Isa’s opinion on the seventh episode of the talent

I’m really curious to understand how the time of day of friends 21 from here to the end now this Nuncio Stancampiano there is none left!

I’m serious, nuncio He’s practically been running the entire “show” side of this talent for months and, let’s face it, he’s also brought sparkle and joy to an issue that seemed decidedly tarnished until the moment he arrived.

Unlike previous years, I think this evening always lacked the strong personality that “breaks through” the program, so let’s say perhaps the biggest flaw of this edition at show level is the tendentially closed nature of most of the protagonists.

Last year we had the dramas of Aka7even to which a separate spin-off could have been made, the angry and furious character you are you are out of rose of gracethe snake soul of Martina MiliddiIn short, besides the talent side, this year there was a lot of show born spontaneously from the guys’ characters nuncio practically alone saving the cottage and the dolls, taking the reins of the program and, in a short time, becoming a character piercing the canvas.

I died laughing at her speech yesterday None shortly before the announcement of his departure: “I’m a great man anyway, ah go and get 55 ballots (…) I’m a born winner (…) Albe, if I were you I’d shit on the ballot with me too, sincerely (.. . ) Nunzietto, you did what was possible, you really were a phenomenon, I am a phenomenon, I am a phenomenon, mpare I am a phenomenon, I am too strong (…) Who is throwing me out? Dusk! You are special, you are original, you are the nuncio of singing

I mean please but how can we elude him?! I’m only crying with one eye though because I know so much that we’ll see it again, I feel it, I EXPECT IT.

Devil, Alfunsodo your damn job and do it right, you fucked us Zequilathat Ricciarelli and company, I DEMAND a reward now and this reward does nuncio with name and You get tired Surname!

On the show side, however, I have no desire to contest his elimination because although I found it nuncio very good in his specific field, that of Latin American dances, I believe that other guys deserve to be in the finals, so I accept his release now two episodes from the end, even if I do so with the same sincerity for the personal Taste can say, I would have preferred to see it in the semifinals nuncio Dance instead None to sing.

Thoughts for the evening:

– I’M BLACK, STRAIGHT BLACK AND VERY BLACK WITH Raimondo Todaro for that PATETIC joke about the fact that if Michele Esposito had won the test against Sissi Cesana it would have been just for the ass.

I mean but what overflows they must hear my ears santoddio.

Sissy She is beautiful, I really like her and has an objectively angelic voice, but Michele Esposito He’s a fucking pro who doesn’t even know why he competes as a student. He’s a CRAZY already-trained artist who would actually make shoes for a good 90% of today’s professionals friends.

And then I can understand that for personal taste we prefer a performance by Sissy to one of Micheleamong other things, we also talk about completely different topics, where, if we want, the comparison does not even make sense to exist, but to tell a dancer how Michele that if he wins a test, he wins it for the ass is incompetent, provocative and very biased. Point.

And I got up from the sofa to applaud Michele when he finally lifted his head and responded in kind to the millionth unfounded criticism he had received. Because education is fine, respect for teachers is fine, but I don’t need to be unfairly disparaged in live national coverage, Echeccazzo.

Calm michythe same speech applies to you that I gave at the time Carol Pudu (Carola My love I miss you without watching the episodes is unbearable): Whoever criticizes you today, tomorrow, to see you dance again, must dress smartly and pay the ticket.

– and whether I would have understood and shared the anger Alexandra Celentano opposite to Todaro for the words a Michelehowever, I must say that I found it somewhat contradictory that you reserved a Dario Schirone practically the same treatment.

Regardless of personal tastes, I have the qualities of Dario they seem obvious, honestly. Just as it seems to me that despite his perhaps not nice character, the boy still has a great desire to get involved and work. Here we say that this criticism is so stinging and aimed at belittling Cele I might share them if they’re aimed at dancers whose ultimate goal is to get the big likes tick tock, but against Dario They seem excessive and unfair to me.

Just as it was inelegant on the part of the teacher to suggest so peppers ‘na club doesn’t understand dance. That is, mind you, for me for comparison Celentano and peppers It’s like comparing a Ferrari to a Punto, but I’m a spectator and I can give my opinion, alexandra She is directly involved and should still have respect for a colleague. For me it was a bit of a style break, that’s it.

– last night Alex Rina utterly in a state of grace, I found it perfect in virtually all of his performances, on re-listening I also appreciated the unedited one (which reminds me a lot of the style of Giuliano Sangiorgi which I personally love, so for me it’s a huge compliment) and I repeat it out loud when he and Sissyonce they are out of the program they will not record a duet together, they are crazy because there is real artistic chemistry between them!

Luigi Strangis There’s a confirmation on the covers now, but I have to say that I was particularly impressed by yesterday’s gauntlet run None because although I’m not a songwriter (and actually the glove of Pettinelli aims precisely to improve the writing of None against luigi who doesn’t usually write) I found his bars much more interesting than a lot of the stuff the kids wrote in this issue. Maybe it just doesn’t come naturally to him and he never thought of going into it, but honestly luigi might try to deepen the writing discourse because it might surprise and amaze us.

However, on the day of the final we will read it directly with me, I would have liked to have won that day Carola and now I want to see the triumph Michele. But I already know it won’t happen and I already know I will be sorry. The only thought that will keep me going with my life is that I might see his super phenomenal face at the end of August when the cast of Gf Vip 7 is announced, awesome vinGenDe.

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