Friends 21: all the fault of Celentano

friends, in recent years it has become a bad show. At Mediaset they pretend not to notice because they are already making efforts to get rid of D’Urso e island of temptation, taking it off now would be too much. But in one of the worst seasons of depriving yourself of the only histrion, the only one who manages to grab the attention and do it before the finale (after letting it escape the evening save for a mustache), Self-harm at a high level. The same that makes the author watch it every Saturday.

Nuncio Stancampiano Vote: 10th

Not his best bet. Also because he immediately starts dancing and the insane regulation is over friends it ends three hours and swiftly after practically with convulsions. He decided to get out there, dance freely and dance well, but there’s not his usual anger, his lovemaking with the dance floor, his cheekiness. Yes, it’s almost melancholic, even in the movements. The only one who doesn’t notice is Alessandra Celentano, but she feels like a poacher in a natural park. The ten deserves it for his farewell, in the fourth ballot and at Albe it was inevitable (Peparini and Pettinelli could not be left with only one competitor, and even close): a high-level stand-up comedian play, in third person done, hilarious, cunning, irresistible, with weird tempos, elementary at times, but always spot on. You’ll regret getting rid of it, in the TV show’s economy it was essential, it was one of the few flashes of attention and entertainment. Of an unforgettable edition, it will be one of the few, perhaps the only, to remain in print.

Michele Esposito class 9

Again, it’s less what he does during challenges and much less noticeable movement, while Celentano and Todaro argue he deserves a good grade. Condescending and resigned, he bows his head to the grotesque uproar the two are causing. And his respectful, mocking smile makes sense of his tragedy: one who made a mess, went to boarding school, emigrated, mortgaged the joys of his youth for future success, and finds himself in it friends. We’re going to stop saying “che s’adda fa pe ‘campà” and we’re going to start saying just “Michele Esposito.” As good as ever, by the way, but we still think it’s punishment to have a teacher like hers. Obsessed with proving to everyone that he’s versatile, she ridicules him and herself beyond the embarrassing with her pseudo-modern choreography adapted to her preparation. We’ll get to the point that she’ll put in a polka arabesques, pirouettes, chasse or big jet only to calm him down after making him uncomfortable by making him the nerd to beat. Michele, advice: break up. Seeing you laughing at Nunzio’s jokes convinced us you’re not the automaton we suspected. And remember what Maria said to her beloved Alessandra: “Sometimes you get a little stupid”. Here, do it too.

Serena Carella class 8

She’s one that even melted Alex, who embraces her with unprecedented rapture at the end of the issue. Because she was irresistible to dance to – the Serena we knew is back, happy, unstoppable, explosive – because she inspired one of the best proofs, because this sweet and graceful beauty makes it impossible for you to ignore her. And even fewer don’t fall in love with her. He risks finding himself in the quicksand of elimination, but this time he doesn’t miss a beat at crucial moments. And now she can no longer hide, she is one of the favorites. Not one of mine, I mean (indeed yes), but for ultimate victory.

Alex Wise and Albe class 7

What a surprise. The former always looks and is the same. But do you want me to sing them unreleased (gold record, now it’s all worth it), do you want me to look good too, or I would become one with Serena dancing in front of me, on top of her, on the side, but This Saturday She puts more passion, expressiveness, desire to caress the heart of the listener and not just the ears. Mind you, he’s still our lovable neighborhood piano bar singer (no offense, I love the genre), but yesterday he sold dearly. At Albe, the vote goes only for the rewritten cover of It takes an animal physique by Luca Carboni. Because his childlike and smug writing finds a calibrated and well constructed (self-)irony in this case and at the end of the piece one enjoyed his bars with a smile. And that’s where he has to start again: remember that it’s not Anastasio, it’s not Sangiovanni, it’s not Gianmaria, but that he’s superpop and when he laughs it’s disarming, even if Zerbi and Pettinelli are just a step away removed from yelling “mirror image” while obsessively repeating his stage name. Albe must understand his uniqueness as a determined trapper, angry at the world, yes, at no one who is not tormented. When he understands it, he becomes the Max Pezzali of the trap.

Sissy 6th grade

It may seem like a strict oath. Also unfair. But with great power comes great responsibility. And she doesn’t get out of her bel canto comfort zone, which for goodness sake is pretty wide and not easy at all. But since that voice is perfect, or near perfect, we’d love to see her explore new shores. We’re not asking them for good punk, we’re just looking for a more rocking path or otherwise looking for the blues that’s in each of us. She has a natural talent, perhaps the most crystal clear of any competitor, but she must match her character to these qualities. Otherwise it will hit you, but it still won’t surprise you.

Alexandra Celentano Class 5

It’s no longer more irritating, more hateful, more detrimental. Even a very humble Mary understood this. Now it’s just very sad and often ridiculous, as when De Filippi points out that Todaro is right to sell and that he cheats with the choreography to convince us that his protégé is versatile. She is satisfied with her role, she is so focused on herself that she does not understand that the more she loves her students, the more she poisons them, which sooner or later leads to their elimination. Without being able to say that he gave everything because they were just hostages to Cruella’s personal struggles. The drama, one of many, is that by now it’s also very limited in its language, its blatant written or spoken words can overlap over the years. And now that she’s grown fond of the culinary metaphor (Nunzio like eggplant parmigiana is rock bottom), she’s abusing it. As with all his unfortunate verbal means.

hideout class 4

I like the boy too. Much. But not enough to deal with those stripped jackets. I don’t mean a health shirt, but wear a t-shirt. Even The Kolors, as long as this already ugly shame isn’t repeated in some way in 80’s porn. Stash, come to your senses. I swear, if you dress decently, I might as well persuade myself to hear you sing a whole song.

Peparini Pettinelli 3rd grade

The most useless and irritating team in the history of talent also dares to teach about life and such. The moment Anna Pettinelli tells Rudy Zerbi to take himself less seriously is hilarious. To her. To him. And indeed, immediately after she has done the great thing, she accuses him and says in an angry tone: “Don’t you understand Italian? Don’t you understand Italian? Watch me”. He proves he has Luigi Di Maio’s sense of humor when he looks out onto a balcony. A pain to see and hear (a bit, thankfully) her when Peperini complains that the her colleague says that she cannot accuse her of incompetence, and Dario defends so badly that he probably thinks about sacrificing himself and spontaneously going out.Why is there this third team, such absurd rules and friends they are three mysteries of Mary’s faith. Many swear to have noticed their existence thanks to the interview with TV smiles and songs.

ghali grade 2

You’ll accuse me of hair shame, but what kind of hairstyle is that? Was the barber reported to the court in The Hague? Wasn’t Putin enough? Or did the Russian leader, when he spoke of extreme solutions, perhaps mean one of our best singers who was so reduced? Seriously, Ghali looks good even after becoming one of the III C types, plus with terrible leggings. Luck isn’t bad, but nice text is too trendy. Let’s hope the album goes more in the direction of the big ones Walo.

Emmanuel Filiberto 1st Class

Sometimes you forget that it exists. And these are the best of times. Then, to attract attention, he allows the match between Sissi and Michele to end in a draw for once, so that he could lose and add a little spice to the episode. Instead, he has them exhibited again. Sometimes the suspicion arises that such a judge serves only to tell us that there is something worse than Emma a X factor.

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