Eight new things to stream in May

On May 27th the first part of the fourth and last season of starts stranger things. The seventh and final season of This is us and the second season of The wilderness andAir Stewardess. As always, there is also a lot of news, new series and new stories every month on the many streaming platforms (whose companies have not been doing so well on the stock market lately). Among other things that will arrive in the next few weeks: a series about the robber who committed the robbery that we started talking about “Stockholm Syndrome”, one about dinosaurs (and starring David Attenborough), one with Amy Schumer and one with Obi Wan Kenobi.

May 5: Netflix

It is a six episode Swedish series about the story of Clark Olofsson, a 75 year old Swedish criminal with a very busy life. He was also present at the August 23, 1973 (guess which city) bank robbery, which is when we started talking about “Stockholm Syndrome,” that peculiar and paradoxical condition in which a hostage or victim of a… Kidnapping sympathizes with the robber or the kidnapper. The story of how Olofsson – who woke up in prison on August 23, 1973 – got there for this robbery is quite remarkable. In the series, Olofsson is played by Bill Skarsgård, who was Pennywise, the evil clown of the two. It.

Regarding the series, Netflix states that “it is based on truths and lies revealed in Clark Olofsson’s autobiography and recreates a fictionalized version of one of the most controversial figures in Swedish contemporary history”.

How I met your father
May 11: Disney+

A series obviously associated with How I met your mother, which lasted nine seasons, the last of which was in 2014. Disney+ presents it this way: “In the near future, Sophie (Kim Cattrall) will tell her son the story of how she met her father,” a story that “takes viewers back to the year.” 2021, where Sophie (Hilary Duff) and her close-knit group of friends attempt to enter adult life trauma-free. Disney always speaks of it as a “remake” with “many surprises even for lovers of the original series”.

However, it must be said that in the United States, where it has already arrived for a few months, not much liked it: in fact, many considered it too nostalgic and not particularly successful. For those who still want to trust her, it is already known that a second season is coming.

The Essex Serpent
May 13: Apple TV+

A series set in the Victorian era, based on a novel by Sarah Perry, in which the snake in the title is “something out there” which some believe is a terrifying “sea creature” that invades the townspeople of a village haunted in Essex, in eastern England. A recently arrived widow from London and the village vicar, played by Tom Hiddleston, argue about what this could be – and meanwhile also discuss their attitude towards life and religion.

As we learn from the trailer full of mist and doubt, the widow (played by Claire Danes), who wants to investigate the mysterious snake, ends up being accused of attracting her, the snake.

life and beth
May 18: Disney+

A comedy-drama series in which actress and comedian Amy Schumer plays Beth, a woman who sells wine, lives in Manhattan and lives a life where everything seems to be going pretty well. The “until” moment of this series is represented by a sudden accident that forces her to “face her past,” something that changes her life. As Disney explains it, “Through flashbacks from her youth, Beth begins to understand how she got to be who she is and who she wants to be,” and begins to learn a “path to a better, braver, more authentic life.” express yourself and live more consciously, a journey along the avenue of memories that will bring suffering but also humor and acceptance ».

As well as How I met your father, also seen this series elsewhere, and it has already been renewed for a second season. Compared to How I met your father It’s more popular, though: It’s widely cited as the best thing Schumer has done yet.

Starry Night
May 20: Prime Video

A series in which character couple Sissy Spacek and JK Simmons discover a kind of portal in a backyard basement room that “inexplicably leads to a strange and desolate planet”. Although some neighbors start asking questions about the two’s behavior, everything is pretty good until a “mysterious boy” comes to them and things take a different turn.

Well then
May 20: Apple TV+

A series where a little bit of English and a little bit of Spanish are spoken in the original version. Set in Miami, it tells in thriller form “the aspirations of youth and the reality of adulthood, when the lives of a group of best college friends are forever changed after the tragic epilogue of a celebratory weekend that ended in the deaths of them”. It happens that twenty years after that weekend, the five surviving friends meet again because there is “a common threat that is putting their seemingly perfect world in jeopardy”.

The prehistoric planet
May 23: Apple TV+

Another Apple series, this time a documentary, originally narrated by David Attenborough. With a similar approach as many naturalistic series in recent years, it wants to tell and show what the earth looked like about 66 million years ago, in the Cretaceous period, at the time of the dinosaurs. Hans Zimmer did the soundtrack. The series will combine details about the dinosaurs (e.g. the “amazing training techniques of the Tyrannosaurus Rex”) with those about the landscapes of the time.

Obi Wan Kenobi
May 27: Disney+

Another series set like the previous one “a long time ago” but not on Earth but in “a galaxy far, far away”. To be a little more specific, this new series is set about ten years later Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith, not a happy ending movie for the Jedi Master played by Ewan McGregor. In the series, Obi-Wan Kenobi is still played by McGregor, and Hayden Christensen also plays the same character he starred in Vengeance of the Sith.

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