CONCERT MAY 1, 2022 TARANTO / Live Streaming and Cast: Diodato and Roy Paci

Live concert on May 1st Taranto and live commentary

That May 1st, 2022 concert in Taranto. Great expectations of the public to understand if Giuliano Sangiorgi will end up climbing on the stage of the Apulian city built in the splendid area of ​​the Archaeological Park of the Greek Walls. He is rumored to be performing with Ermal Meta, with whom he made the single “Una cosa più grande”. The prominent guests are expected to arrive in the evening.

Meanwhile, several other artists take turns on stage: from Francesco Forni to Terraross, passing The Niro and many others. As already mentioned, the party lasts until midnight tonight. A real marathon for the concert on May 1st, 2022 in Taranto. (updated by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Scaletta concert May 1, 2022 Taranto: the list of singers

The cast of Concert May 1, 2022 to Taranto It’s full of big names and up and coming talent. Here is the line-up of the singers of the May Day Concert in Taranto 2022 who will be on stage (and waiting for the official one):

Giovanni CaccamoFabio CelenzaCosmo 35 caliberCor Veleno with the Three Merry Dead Boys, Don Ciccio African Party, DitonellapiagaEugenio in via di Gioia, Francesco Forni, GaiaMed Free Orkestra with Fabrizio Bosso and Chiara Galiazzo, Melancholia, Ermal Meta, Gianni MorandiErica Mou, NAIP, Andrea Pennacchi, Terraross, The Niro, The Zen Circus, Giovanni Truppimargaret vicar, 99 people. CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE EVENT LIVE STREAMING

Diodato and Roy Paci protagonists in Taranto

In Taranto, at the opening of the Concert on May 1st There are immediately five bands: Zagreb, Blunder, Marte, Malamore and Lettieri. In the first part of the event they lead Sabrina Morea and Gianni Raimondi. place then a Dominique Antonacci of the terra horse; and finally Michele Riondino, Roy Paci and Antonio Diodato together to sing John Lennon’s “Power To The People”. Diodato and Roy Paci continue with “Toda joia toda beleza”. Music, entertainment and fun in Taranto, Don Ciccio’s moment comes to the stage with African Party. Great enthusiasm from the Apulian public, from the square or from home, everyone follows the concert on May 1st. (updated by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Michele Riondino: “May Day Concert Taranto, necessary experience”

Michele Riondino defines the Concert on May 1st in Taranto a stimulating community experience. The actor from Taranto, artistic director along with Roy Paci and Antonio Diodato of the event, is enthusiastic about the response of the Puglian public. Obviously all this was needed after difficult years due to the pandemic. “It’s a collective experience that we’ve missed,” he said into Il Manifesto’s mics.

“A necessary experience. We’ve been locked in the house for too long. The cases we are used to hearing on this stage have been overshadowed by the pandemic. We respected the rules for the good of the community. Now we need to get back on the streets to make our voice heard.” The event starts with theperformance of Diodato, Co-organizer of this wonderful day among the people … (Update by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Gianni Morandi’s commission for the concert on May 1st, 2022 in Taranto

Boundless emotions and enthusiasm for the Concert on May 1st in Taranto. The accusation of Gianni Morandi echoes from the first hours of his arrival in Puglia, accompanied by his wife Anna. The Bolognese singer is just one of many artists set to perform in the Ionian capital. Many more familiar faces are expected in Puglia, including Gaia, The Zen Circus, Giovanni Caccamo, Fabio Celenza, Cosmo, Caliber 35, Cor Veleno and many other guests. The event is also making room on social media, where audiences and fans of the singers are excited. Just think of the many comments posted under the photo by Gianni Morandi, authentic protagonist and symbol of this new edition. (updated by Jacopo D’Antuono)

Concert May 1, 2022 Taranto: waiting for Sangiorgi, will it be there?

That Concert May 1, 2022 Taranto could foresee a surprise in the lineup. According to the latest leaked rumors, will rise on the stage of the Apulian city built in the area of ​​the Archaeological Park of the Greek Walls Giuliano Sangiorgi, who was supposed to perform with Ermal Metawith which he released the single “Una cosa più grande”.

While we await confirmation of the leader’s participation Negramarowe resume the statement made to the microphones of the ANSA news agency by one of the three artistic directors of the event, Antonio Diodato: “This is now the premier free event in this country and even across the world I have not found an equivalent at this level. We must all be proud because in Taranto we were last and now we are first. This is now one of the most culturally active cities”. (updated by Alessandro Nidi)

May 2022 Concert Advances Taranto: The music festival is back

That Concert May 1, 2022 is staged a Taranto Also this year: the music festival “Free and Thinking” is confirmed as one of the most popular in the country, together with that of Rome on the occasion of the celebrations of working day. For this reason, many do not want to miss it, also because the appointment is in full swing again. In the two previous years it was not possible to go out on the street because of COVID-19So now it’s time to make amends

For those who can’t be there on May 1st Archaeological Park of the Greek Walls from 2 p.m. there will also be live broadcasts on television and streaming on the Apulian channel Antenna Sud. In addition to the music, there will be space on the stage to discuss important issues of social and political importance: primarily work, but also social justice and environmentthat gender equalityand the Peace.

Concert May 1, 2022 Taranto: who will be there to conduct it?

The live behavior of the Concert May 1, 2022 to Taranto this year it is entrusted Martina Martorano, Serena Tarabini and Andrea Rivera. The three worked closely with the artistic directors Roy Paci, Michele Riondino and Antonio Diodato: well-known names in the world of Italian music and beyond. And they certainly won’t stay behind the scenes.

It will be his own to open the music festival Diodato with his “Make Noise”, the song with which he won the Sanremo 2022 Festival Michele Riondino and Roy PaciInstead, there will be room for numerous surprise forays throughout the show.


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