At a CAGR of 18.3%, Language Learning Market will Reach US$191.06 Billion by 2028 Global Growth Industry Trends, Value, Analysis and Forecast by Brandessence Market Research

LONDON, September 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The revenue size of the global language learning market was worth it $59.60 billion in 2021 and is expected to be achieved $191.06 billion in 2028 and growing at a CAGR of 18.3% from 2022 to 2028.

With higher acceptance rate of language learning in all countries as well as increasing government support for digital language learning and increasing globalization of economy along with technological advancement, it is a major driving factor for language learning market growth.

Report on language learning market size and analysis of companies and trends by type (English, Spanish, German, Chinese, French, other), by learning mode (offline, online), by end-user (institutional learner, individual learner), based on the Region And Segment Forecasts 2022 – 2028

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Key companies of Language Learning Market covered in this research report

  • Rosetta Stone Ltd.
  • EF Education First Ltd
  • babble
  • Speexx
  • Sanako Corporation
  • Intap Labs Pvt. GmbH.
  • ufo studio
  • Busuu
  • Duolingo
  • Other

The increasing acceptance of language learning is now becoming part of this growing ecosystem. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic led to the closure of all institutes and schools, causing drastic changes in the education sector, with a significant increase in e-learning, where classes are conducted remotely through digital platforms. According to UNICEF, schools for more than 168 million children worldwide are completely closed for almost a whole year during Covid-19. Also, according to the World Economic Forum, different regions or countries are at different points in their COVID-19 infection rates, and currently more than 1.2 billion children in 186 countries are affected by school closures due to the pandemic. This has increased the demand for online language learning during the Covid-19 situation.

Also, the increasing globalization of economy along with technological advancement are one of the main factors driving the growth of the language learning market during the forecast period. This has become the leading demand driver in the global language learning market. Learning different languages ​​can give a person the opportunity to see the world and further the person’s profession. Therefore, the increasing globalization of the economy as well as technological advances are driving the market. For example; According to an article, Duolingo was the most popular way to learn a language worldwide and the most downloaded educational app in the world in 2020. The company has grown to tremendous size with over 500 million total users and around 40 million monthly active users in every country in the world. According to the World Health Organization, which announced that Covid-19 had become a global pandemic in 2020, 30 million new learners started learning a language on Duolingo, 67% more new learners than in the same period in 2019.

Global Language Learning Market Segmentation:

By type

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Chinese
  • French
  • Other

Through the learning mode

By end users

  • Institutional Learner
  • Individual learner

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Market trends of the language learning market

Language learning has increasingly become a necessity for organisations, educational institutions and government agencies to equip them with the relevant skills and abilities for the future. Latest trends and technologies in the market are increasing the revenue stream of the language learning market worldwide.

Increasing interest in learning new languages ​​among Gen Z population improves market sales

Gen Z are the passive learners, and learning for this generation has been structured to be more active, integrate more on-demand online learning tools, and be more collaborative. Young learners see language learning as a tool to make and maintain connections with the culture, family and media that matter most to them. For example, in the US, about 60% of US language learners are under the age of 30. Generation Z’s interest in language learning has increased dramatically. Asian languages, mainly Japanese and Korean, are also reported to be particularly popular with Gen Z learners, particularly as younger people use language learning to connect with their other interests, such as culture and movies. In addition, the growing interest in studying abroad has also led to Gen Z increasing their interest in language learning. In addition to the above factors, placement in multinational companies is another consideration when learning a new language, as language skills open up a whole world of opportunities. As a result, Gen Z interest in language learning is growing day by day and trending in the market around the world.

The increasing implementation of smarter artificial intelligence is a global trend in language learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) is also increasingly being used in education, from automated assessment to speech recognition to the adaptive and personalized delivery of educational resources. Indeed, digital upskilling has changed the approach global companies take to learning and development (L&D), especially as the use of virtual classrooms has become the most viable alternative during the COVID-19 pandemic. This shifted the focus of learning leaders to digital learning modalities to upskill their employees regardless of their location. Digital language learning has become the norm for organizations as L&D functions begin to shift from traditional face-to-face (F2F) in-person learning to online and virtual learning methods. This has led to a broader use of technology in L&D than ever before. in the Sep 2021, Indian Institute of Technology-Bombay (IIT-B) have launched an artificial intelligence (AI) based software ecosystem that converts scientific and technical content from English into Hindi and various other Indian languages. The demand for artificial intelligence (AI) has become a trend in the corporate learning space. It paved the way for a richer learning environment and training design that benefits employees, students and organizations, as well as educational institutions, as it improves efficiency and productivity.

All of the above trends in the language learning markets allow industry participants to align with their goals and strengthen their sales.

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Regional analysis of the language learning market

Europe is expected to dominate the global language learning market within the forecast period attributed to the highest number of foreign language learners in this region. According to the Pew Research Center study, most elementary and secondary school students learning foreign languages ​​come from European countries. Duolingo, a US-based company, said the number of language learners in the UK increased by 132% in 2020. Language choice in this region is English, French and German. In the USA, Spanish is the first choice of language learners. Asia Pacific expected to develop at a significant rate due to the increasing demand for language learning and increasing investments and expansions by various multinational companies. Furthermore, language learning is also a part of the curriculum in the region which is also expected to support the growth of the language learning market over the forecast period.

Special Needs Language Learning Market Report is also available for Following Region:

North America


  • Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, Turkey, Switzerland, Belgium, rest of Europe

Asia Pacific

  • South Korea, Japan, China, India, Australia, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, rest of APAC

Latin America

  • Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, Peru, Rest of Latin America

Middle East and Africa

  • Saudi ArabiaUAE, Egypt, South Africa, Rest of MEA

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