Art in Bologna and Emilia-Romagna: current exhibitions and openings

Repubblica offers you the update of exhibitions and ongoing exhibitions in Bologna and in the region every week. For art lovers and more, to change the way artists see the world.


Laboratorio degli Angeli
via degli Angeli 32

From April 30th

Sacred Indexes – Sissi (pictured)

Until May 15th

Palazzo d’Accursio

Piazza Maggiore 6

Rebirth is triggered

Until May 8th

Maramotti Collection
Via Fratelli Cervi 66, Reggio Emilia

From May 1st

Bellum – Carlo Valsecchi

Until July 31st

Palace of Museums

Reggio Emilia

On a different scale. Luigi Ghirri, Italy in miniature and new perspectives

Until January 8th

Lercaro Collection

via Riva di Reno 57

From May 5th

cross collection. compared collections

Until 18.09

Municipal Art Collections – Palazzo d’Accursio

Piazza Maggiore 6

From May 6th

The memory of the future. Mario Ramus. An intellectual in Bologna from the post-war period to the 1990s

Until September 4th

Post-illness rebirth in 40 recordings of cancer patients. And the photo of Nino Miglior

by Paola Naldi

Rusconi Foundation

Via Petroni 22/a

From May 6th

The Gentle Parade

Until June 4th

Carlo Gajani Foundation

Via de’Castagnoli 14

From May 6th

DueDuo – Donkey Ears (OD’A), aka Ornella De Carlo and Federica Porro

Until May 15th


Archaeological Museum

Via dell’Archiginnasio 2

Lucio Della. Even if time flies

Until July 17th


Piazza Re Enzo

Pier Paolo Pasolini – Figurative Electric Shocks

Until October 16th


via Don Minzoni 14

Italo Zuffi – front and back

Until May 1st

Morandi Museum

About Don Minzoni 14

RECOLLECT. Morandi tells. The engraved sign: hatching and chiaroscuro

Until May 22nd

Museum of Industrial Culture

Via della Beverara 123

Bolognese motorcycles of the years 1950-1960. The motorcycle meets the car

Until May 15th

Medieval City Museum

Via Manzoni 4

Glass from the Renaissance to the 19th Century – The Cappagli Serretti Donation

Until 09/25

MEB – Jewish Museum of Bologna

Via Valdonica 1/5

The Sarajevo Haggadah

Until June 12th

Boncompagni Palace

Via Monte 8

Marino Marini. Horses and knights in the palace

Until May 15th


about hope 42

The MAST Collection – A visual alphabet for industry, work and technology

Until 08/24

Palazzo Fava

Via Manzoni 2

The Castle Picture Gallery. Emilian painting in the Michelangelo Poletti Collection

Until July 24th

House of the Saracens

Via Farini 15

Francesco Giuliari

Until May 1st

Albergati Palace

Via Zaragoza 28

PHOTOS! The masterpieces of the Julián Castilla collection: Cartier-Bresson, Doisneau, Capa, Man Ray and the greatest photographers of the 20th century

Oliviero Toscani. 80 years as a situationist

Until September 4th

Bentivoglio Palace

Via del Borgo di San Pietro 1

Andreas Angelidakis – Bentivoglio after the Ruins

Until June 12th

Studio G7 gallery

Via Val D’Aposa 4a

Caterina Morigi and Maria Teresa Sartori

Until September 10th

Gallery Stefano Forni

Piazza Cavour, 2 – Bologna

Piero Guccione – The Memory of Water

Grand Hotel Majestic, formerly Baglioni
Via Independenza 8, Bologna

The heart is still beating – Gabriele Corni

Until May 10th

Legislative Assembly of the Emilia-Romagna Region

Via Aldo Moro 50

Wartime – Aldo Borgonzoni

Until May 16th

European Photography 2022 in Reggio Emilia. The goal on inaccessible worlds: Here are the reasons not to lose it

by Michele Smargiassi


Via AzzoGardino 9

Of simplicity and thrill. Filippo de Pisis in dialogue with Richard Aldrich, Michael Berryhill, Luca Bertolo, Paul Housley, Merlin James, Mairead O’hEocha, Maaike Schoorel

Until June 11th


Via AzzoGardino 14/a

Damien Meade

Until June 11th


Via Iacopo Barozzi 3

Gianni Piacentino – Works 1965-2021

Until July 30th

Galleria de’ Foscherari

Via Castiglione 2 / b

Luigi Mainolfi – Etna

Until June 30th

Aries contemporary art

About Marsili 7

Jingge Dong – Via the vitreous body

Until May 7th

Big gallery

Via D’Azeglio 15

Less is more – Bertozzi & Casoni and Giorgio Morandi

Fifty-six gallery

Via Mascarella 59/b

Stand up. After the Pandemic: Art Tomorrow, Today and Yesterday

CUBE sharing culture

Vieira De Mello Square, 3 and 5

Artificial botany – fuse *

Until May 22nd

Unipol Tower Cube

Labirinto_Harmonious grafts – Francesca Pasquali

Until May 22nd

Massimo and Sonia Cirulli Foundation
Via Emilia 275, San Lazzaro di Savena

The women of Kabul. In the eyes of photographer Pino Settanni.

Until 31.12

Bentivoglio Fortress

Via Contessa Matilde 10, Bazzano

One foot on the ground, the rest in flight – Diletta Cuniberti

Until June 26th

FMAV – Palazzina dei Giardini

Corso Cavour 2, Modena
Jordy Colomer. streets

Until May 8th

FMAV – Museum of Figure

Palazzo Santa Margherita

Corso Canal Grande 103, Modena
The Adventures of Aldo. Archives as connections of the times
Until June 5th

FMAV – Palazzo Santa Margherita

Corso Canalgrande 103, Modena
Salvator Vitale. Decompressed Prism
Until June 5th

Museums of the Palazzo dei Pio
Piazza dei Martiri 68, Carpi

The Prince and his Church. San Nicolò and the Convent of the Friars in Carpi

Until June 26th


Via Piangipane 79/83, Ferrara

Beyond the ghetto. From the inside to the outside

Until May 15th

Estense Castle of Ferrara

Filippo de Pisis. the stillness of things

Until June 2nd

Marfisa d’Este building

Corso Giovecca 170, Ferrara

Beyond Looks – Arianna Di Romano

Until June 12th

Casa Romei Museum

Via Savonarola 30, Ferrara

melodies. Gianfranco Goberti

Until June 30th

PAC – Pavilion for Contemporary Art

Corso Porta Mare 5, Ferrara

Biennale Donna – Out of Time. Starting over with nature

Until May 29th

Bonacossi Palace

Via Cistern del Follo 5, Ferrara

Fakes – From Alceo Dossena to fake Modigliani

Until July 31st

Pigorini Palace
Strada della Repubblica 29/a, Parma

Paolo Simonazzi – The Wire and the River

Until May 8th

Monumental complex of the Pilotta

Piazza della Pilotta 3, Parma

The Farnese. architecture, art, power

Until July 31st

Magnani Rocca Foundation

via Magnani Rocca Foundation 4 Mamiano di Traversetolo (Parma)
Lucio Fontana. Self-Portrait
Until July 3rd

Labyrinth of the Masons by Franco Maria Ricci

Strada Masone 121, Fontanellato (PR)

From Above – Futuristic Aeropainting

Until July 3rd

XNL – Contemporary Placement

Via Santa Franca 36, ​​​​​​Piacenza

Klimt. The man, the artist, his world

Until July 24th

Rocca Estense

Corso Umberto I 22, San Martino in Rio (Reggio Emilia)

Mistiche Nutelle – Ludotopia, an ante-logical representation

Until May 29th

Former Church of San Francesco


Elena Guastalla – The Indomitable Force of Nature – Stop, Look and Feel Art

Until May 8th

Museums of San Domenico
P.le Guido da Montefeltro 12, Forlì

Magdalena – The Mystery and the Image

Until July 10th

Maritime Museum

via Carlo Armellini 18, Cesenatico

The Riviera of Enchantment. Water and land in the views of Vittorio Guaccimanni, Gaspare Gambi, Romolo Liverani

Until May 22nd

Villa Mussolini

Viale Milano 31, Riccione

Icons – Steve McCurry

Until 18.09

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